DIY Mermaid Egg Diorama

It is time for the Easter Egg Decorating Competition at School! My kids LOVE planning their Egg-cellent and Egg-tastic designs every year.. in fact.. they often start the planning for “next year’s” Competition Entry, as soon as this year’s is done!  You can see all our previous School Egg Decorating Competition Entries here.. as well as some of the kids’ school friends’ designs! Lots and lots of inspiration for you!!! We have noticed.. that OUR teachers tend to love the Egg Diorama’s or Egg Scenes the best.. and if there is an Eggcellent Pun to go with it the better!

Oh how we do love Mermaid Craft Ideas!!

Mermaid Egg Diorama – Materials

  • A shoe box
  • 3 eggs (we made 3 mermaids)
  • Light card
  • Acrylic paints
  • Wool
  • Serquence
  • Newspaper (for the large rock)
  • Thread for hanging of fish
  • PVA glue
  • Shells
  • Sharpie for details

How to make your Mermaid Diorama Egg DIY

Oh how we enjoyed creating this little Mermaid Egg Diorama! IT was super fun and easy to do.. I helped a little but Pip Squeak (7) did most of it! She won’t let me touch anything!! Teehee.

To begin with, I sketched out some mermaid tails and Ocean Creatues, that Pip Squeak “pained in”…

She then created some mermaid “body” eggs and let them dry.

Whilst all of this was drying, she painted the Ocean Egg Diorama Box – blue background and sandy shore. She also scrunched up some newspaper and painted it grey for a mermaid rock later on.

Once dry, she cut out the mermaid tails.. added scales to (some) of them. And we made some mermaid hair, by tying together some wool. Pip Squeak then glued these all on with some good PVA glue.. and added some sequence for the Mermaid’s top. I love the little faces that Pip Squeak drew on. So cute.

Next she cut out all the Ocean creatues and finished off their faces. She also drew and coloured in a Mermaid castle to go into the background of our Mermaid Diorama for the School Egg Decorating competition.

Aren’t the MerEggs adorable?! Love!

Glue down your shells and starfish. Add a little tape to some thread and glue to the backof your fish .. attach the fish to the top of your Mermaid Diorama Box.

Finished!! Good luck with your Easter Egg Decorating Competition entries!

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