Earth Day Bookmark Corner Design

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Our DIY Corner Bookmark Love continues! With Earth Day around the corner, I thought some Earth Day Bookmark Corner Designs would be nice! We have a little “heart” Planet Earth and a “Heal the World” version to inspire kids to get creative. Part of our collection of Earth Day Activities and sustainable creative inspiration.

Earth Day Heal the World Bookmark
Crafting for Earth Day since April 2021

To make your Earth Day Bookmark, you will need:

* Blue paper 6 x 6inch/ 15 x 15cm
* Green, white etc paper scraps
* 3 inch circle for tracing – for our 15x15cm paper a UK Tin Can was the perfect size (diameter 7.5cm)
* Black pen
* Scissors
* Glue Stick

Classroom worksheets are available on Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s!

Earth Day Bookmark Corner

How to make an Earth Day Corner Bookmark Design

Begin by making a classic Origami Bookmark as per the video! Make this corner bookmark in BLUE!

Decorating your blue corner bookmark

Here is the full Earth Corner Bookmark Video tutorial!

Now.. as with our Emoji Bookmark Corners, you have to turn your bookmark into a “circle”.

You will need a circle template that is half the size of your square. So if you used a 6 x 6 inch square, your circle should have a diameter of 3inch.

Once you have made your basic bookmark flip it over – with the folded part of the bookmark at the TOP.

Trace your circle – making sure the circle template overlaps the bookmark a little to create straight edges that you do not cut. Note: If your circle fits inside the bookmark – and you cut it out precisely, the bookmark will fall apart!

You will find that your earth is not a perfect circle! But this becomes less noticable once you finish it.

Cut out land mass areas in green paper – don’t worry too much about perfect sizes and shapes.

Glue onto the blue bookmark and then trim off the excess.

Either leave your globe plain or decorate with eyes, mouths, hearts or “plasters”. You can make these by drawing and coloring on white paper and cutting them out.

Glue in place and finished!

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Earth Day Corner Bookmark Design