Sheep Corner Bookmark Design

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Time for some favourite type of Paper Crafts  – one of our Corner Bookmark Designs. Specifically we have an addition to our Easter Corner Bookmark collection with a new Sheep Corner Bookmark Design (or Lamb Bookmark, depending on how big you make it!!). Perfect DIY Sheep Crafts for Spring and Easter to keep bookworms busy and happy!

Lamb Corner Bookmark – Materials

  • White printer paper 14 x 14 cm
  • Black paper scraps or black pen
  • White scraps (or pens)
  • Glue stick (if using paper scraps)
  • Scissors

Printable worksheets are now available on Teachers pay Tachers!

How to make a Sheep Corner Bookmark

These corner bookmark sheep or lambs are super easy to make!! As the Corner Bookmark Tutorial video on auto play will show you. As per usual, we also have some step by step instructions for you below!!

How to make a Sheep Corner Bookmark Design Step by Step instructions

Begin with your classic Origami Corner Bookmark made from white (or black!) paper. This is a super quick and easy Origami for Beginners. And a great way to learn some basic paper folder skills!

Once you have your basic Origami Bookmark, it is time to shape it into a “vague” cloud shape. Remember not too cute away TOO much form the top – you still need some of the straight edges to hold the bookmark together.

Once you have your fluffy sheep shape, it is time for some features. You can draw them on in black pen (and colour ins ome white paper for the legs) or you can cut them out from black paper. You will need an oval face, some ears, legs and eyes.

Glue all your sheep bookmark features in place and your Sheep Corner Bookmark is done. I love how every bookmark is different and has its own character! The positioning of the eyes, ears and feet will give each lamb bookmark a different characteristic. Experiment and have fun!

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