Quick & Easy Ghost Toilet Roll Gift Box

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You know Red Ted Art and Toilet Roll Crafts.. right? Well.. we adore them! Toilet Roll Crafting is eco-friendly, thrifty and above all FUN and VERSATILE. Such a surprising craft material kids and preschoolers can both enjoy! Today, we have a lovely little Halloween Craft – we are making an easy Ghost Toilet Roll Gift Box craft!

Toilet Roll Ghost box

We have lots more Halloween Toilet Paper Roll crafts and I think these adorable little ghosts are the perfect addition. They are fun, quick and easy to make. Kids will love experimenting with different faces and features!

These Ghost Gift Boxes are great for giving out at Classroom Treats, as party favours or maybe even create a Halloween Countdown Calendar? What do you think? So so fun!

To make Toilet Roll Ghost Gift Boxes, you will need:

  • One toilet roll per ghost
  • white paint, though can also wrap them in plain white paper if you wish to avoid using paint
  • paint brushes
  • black pen/ other colours desired – you can also stick on features to your ghosts if you wish

As with all my crafts, I encourage you to work with what you have already and not go out and shop for supplies.

I also encourage you to keep things as eco friendly as possible. But eco friendly paints (most acrylics contain plastics, I know! Yikes.. I have been using these for years… argh)… as well as avoid googly eyes (I used to love them! But I now realise that they are an unnecessary plastic item.

By using eco friendly materials, it is also easy to recycle these ghost gift boxes when you are done with – i.e. they can easily be composted!

How to make Toilet Roll Ghost Gift Boxes

Toilet Roll Gift Boxes are SUPER easy to make. The basic shape is really straight forward and then you get to have fun decorating.

With the Toilet Roll Ghosts, you do however need to paint your cardboard tube white first.

paint the cardboard tube

Paint white and let dry*

Alternatively you can use some white printer paper and wrap your tube in it first! Whatever you prefer.

Once your Toilet Roll has been prepped and is white, you need to shape the roll!

Shaping your Toilet Paper Roll Gift Boxes.

shape your cardboard tube into a box

Shaping a paper tube, is super easy. Gently squeeze the middle of one end in.

Repeat on the other side. Make a neat crease. One end is already closed.

Take the other end of the TP Roll and repeat.

Your basic gift box is finished.

Decorate your basic gift box as a ghost

Take a black pen and get drawing!

Have lots of fun exploring funny ghost faces. Take a look at these if you need some inspiration!

ghost favour box

I love adding little rosy cheeks and red tongues!


Ghost gift box tp roll

Your gift boxes can easily be opened and closed to add your treats and small gifts!

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