Easy Origami Bunny Card Making – with cute puns!

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We do love Easy Kids Origami!! There are so many great beginner’s projects out there. And once you have mastered this fun Paper Craft for kids, turn into garlands, collages, or like today, cute Easy Origami Cards… in today’s example an Easy Origami Bunny Card with cute puns!

Bunny Card Making Ideas

This easy Origami Bunny, could easily be used, as Valentine’s Day Cards, as a Mother’s Day card idea or of course as a super duper cute Paper Easter Craft for kids!

Learn how to make this super easy Rabbit Origami once.. and then have lots of fun with it!

Origami Bunny Card Materials:

  • square piece of paper for the bunny (15 x 15cm) – use plain paper or pretty patterned origami paper as desired
  • card stock (A5 or A6) to glue the bunny on
  • scrap paper for speech bubbles and decor – you can get printable speach bubbles as part of our Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s pack if you wish
  • scissors (for embellishments)
  • glue
  • pen
Easy Origami Bunny card

How to make your origami bunny cards for Valentine’s or Easter

How to make an Origami Bunny

Begin by making your origami bunny as per the simple video instructions! This really is a favourite video amongst my readers. It is a great way to learn and shows how quickly and easily these paper bunnies can be made!

Fun Bunny Puns for kids

Once you have made your paper rabbit in the desired colours or pretty patterned paper, decide on what fun bunny pun you would like to make or use. What season are you using this bunny card for? Who will be receiving it? Here are some ideas suitable for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays or Easter Card Making.

  • Some BUNNY Loves You!
  • Some BUNNY Thinks You Are Great!
  • I Carrot Stop Thinking About You (add some carrots to your final cards)!
  • You make my heart HOP
  • No BUNNY Compares to you!
  • Hoppy Easter
  • Hoppy Birthday
Easy Origami Bunny card

Decorate your Origami Bunny Card

And now you can go as simple or as detailed as you like. We decorated our Origami Bunny Cards relatively simple, with speach bubbles, paper hearts or paper eggs. However, you can draw on your cards, you can use pens or pencils. You can use stickers. You can make more than one paper rabbit – why not make a Mummy Bunny and a Baby Bunny? Etc.

Easy Bunny Easter Card

Your Hoppy Birthday Card, could include gifts and a cake! What other ideas have you got? I bet you can think of many more!!

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