Easy Paper Bunny Bookmark Corner for Easter

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Time for an Easy Bunny Origami Bookmark!! Corner bookmarks continue to be popular in my house. Because of this we do have a Corner Bookmark Designs for all occasions.

Easy Paper Bunny Bookmark Corner - simple Bunny Origami Bookmark. Make an adorable little spring craft. We love making corner bookmarks. And this Paper Bunny Corner Bookmark Craft is no exception. A quick and easy Bookmark for Easter #kids #easter #eastercrafts #bunny #bookmarks #cornerbookmarks #papercrafts
These bunny corner bookmarks make great classroom Easter activities! We have been making these bunnies since Feb 2016!

This bookmark is all about bunnies – a great addition to our darling bunny crafts for kids! Those who knows us well, know that bunnies are a huge favourite in our house, so it was only a matter of time before we got around to make a cute Bunny corner bookmark!!! What I really love about this paper craft, is that it uses simple printer paper. Something most of us have access to.

I hope you agree, that they are indeed cute.. and super duper easy to make. They would be a great little Easter craft or maybe a craft for spring. Or why not give you child a book this Easter and add a little bunny bookmark to go with it? A great way to steer away from the excesses of chocolate! (

As mentioned.. these are part of our Easter Corner Bookmark (& more) collection! I think you will LOVE them all!!!

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For your rabbit bookmark you will need –

This of course makes for a great simple rabbit origami bookmark too! We love Paper Easter Crafts – paper is so very versatile.. and for today’s Bunny Corner Bookmark, you pretty much only need paper……

  • a plain sheet of photocopier paper (this will make 2 large bunnies and 2 small ones)
  • scissors
  • pritt stick (simply the BEST glue stick around)
  • a pink and black pen (or why not experiment with googly eyes?!)

This fun and easy bunny bookmark is now available on Teachers pay Teachers for EASY download and worksheet “use” in the classroom! You will get a lesson plan overview, one sheet showing you how to make a basic origami bookmark and one worksheet showing you how to turn this bookmark into not ONE but TWO different types of origami bunny bookmarks! The kids will love it!

Two bunny bookmarks
We now have TWO versions of this cute Rabbit Bookmark available!

How to make bunny bookmark corner:

Watch our easy Paper Bunny Bookmark video (on auto play) today – it shows you how very quick and easy these Rabbit Corner Bookmarks are to make or check out out the Bunny Bookmark Step By Step Instructions below!

Easy Rabbit Corner Bookmark Design – Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1: Begin my making your very basic Origami Corner Bookmark. I have step by step photos and worded instructions for you on the Origami Bookmark post – you can print these off too!

Once you have your basic shape, lets get decorating and learn how to turn the bookmark into your bunny bookmark!

simple bunny bookmark

The rabbit bookmark design really is a very easy one:

cut two bunny ears

Step 2: using any paper cut offs – cut out two large bunny ears as well as a cotton tail (if you wish, I added these in later designs!).

Add a little pink

glue in place

…and glue to inside of your basic origami bookmark.

finished bunny bookmark

Step 3: add facial details.

That is it.. you have made an adorable Paper Rabbit Bookmark using printer paper! Love. Paper Easter Crafts really are the best!

Easy Paper Bunny Bookmark Corner - adorable little Easter craft. Easy Paper Bunny Bookmark Corner - adorable little spring craft. We love making corner bookmarks. And this Paper Bunny Corner Bookmark Craft is no exception. A quick and easy Bookmark for Easter #kids #easter #eastercrafts #bunny #bookmarks #cornerbookmarks #papercrafts

What do you think? Aren’t they simply adorable? I do hope you enjoyed our little bunny craft idea and that you will be making lots and lots of these this Easter!!!

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Have fun with these cute and easy paper bunny bookmarks!

As mentioned above, I have not brought these all together on our Bookmark Corner Page – so you can browse all the designs at your leisure!! (Currently we have 20+ designs… but we keep updating and adding more ideas!!)

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The video tutorial is also available on Youtube