How to Make a Birthday Cake Corner Bookmark


We love all things Paper Craft for Kids (you may also love my new Paper Projects book! Made with more or less JUST PAPER! You will love it). Today we actually share a “blast from the past”. We made this Birthday Cake Corner Bookmark designs a couple of years ago on YouTube and “forgot” to share it with you here on the website. Tut Tut.

As you know we have an extensive Corner Bookmark Design collection for you to browse.. with many more fabulous Kawaii Food Bookmarks to explore!

Birthday Cake Corner Bookmark Design

Birthday Cake Corner Bookmark  – Materials

  • Whit square paper (we cut down printer paper to make two bookmarks per sheet – 15 x 15cm is nice.. but any square paper will work!)
  • Contrasting colour scrap papers – we used some blue stripey paper for the candles, pink for the cake and yellow for the flames, plus tiny confetti scraps for the sprinkles
  • Pens for the birthday cake’s and candle’s kawaii features
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Watch the full Birthday Cake Corner Bookmark video here:

How make an Origami Bookmark Birthday Cake Design

Begin by making an Origami Bookmark  – you can check out the step by step photo instructions or watch either video!

Corner Bookmark Birthday Cake Step By Step Instruction

Begin by making a basic Origami Bookmark using white printer paper. We have Origami Bookmark Step by Step Instructions (including photos)!

Shape the origami bookmark into a cake

Round off the corners of the bookmark to make it “friendlier” and a little more cake like.

Decorating the cake bookmark

To make the forsting.. use your bookmark as an outline template and trace over the top of the bookmark – about 3 cms.

Cut out and add a wiggly line for the frosting.

Then cut a straight line for the filling of the cake.

Hole punch some multicoloured confetti and glue these on as sprinkles.

Using your pen add your kawaii Birthday Cake features! So cute.

Making candles for the birthday cake bookmark

If you have stripey paper, cut 3 rectangles across the diagonal of the paper to make the candle bodies. If you don’t have stripey paper – cut from coloured papera and draw on some lines.

Then cut out three flames (like tears). Add cute Kawaii Faces to the Birthday Candle flames and glue on.

Finally glue the candles to the back of the cake.

Enjoy! You have just made your first Birthday Cake Bookmark Corner!

Birthday Cake Corner Bookmark Design