Free Felt Reindeer Pattern – Cute Christmas Ornament or Brooch

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Oh I am SOOOO excited to share these ADORABLE cute Free Felt Reindeer Pattern. Actually it is a two for one craft.. you can either make a Rudolph brooch or a felt reindeer ornament. This is part of our cute and easy Felt Ornaments collection!


The brooch is a little easier for kids to manage, the ornament is great for a more experience sewer. It is still easy, but you have to manage “holding” bit in place.

We love DIY Christmas Ornaments and hope you enjoy this one too! This is a great project to get kids into sewing and we have a fabulous resource of Kids Sewing Projects FOR CHRISTMAS, as well as more general sewing projects for kids for you to browse and check out!

Joining in with the fab Sew a Softie Challenge for Christmas! Find out more over on Colored Buttons!

Felt Reindeer Ornament – Materials:

You only need VERY little of the following felt colours…. but it is nice to have them all!

Felt deer colours – so

  • Mid brown felt
  • Dark brown felt
  • White felt
  • Red felt
  • Black felt

As well as the following sewing supplies

  • Red ribbon and bell (optional)
  • Needle and threads/ embroidery floss
  • A little stuffing – toy fiberfil is good, but we love to recycle old cushions and pillows
  • A pair of scissors
  • I did a simple printable pattern pdf for you too! Add zero at check out to get this freebie!

Remember to add $0 at check out to get this free reindeer pattern pdf:

What sewing stitches do I need to know?

This lovely little felt ornament is great for beginners, as we made it using only a running stitch – the easiest of all stitches! You could of course experiment and look at other stitches such as a blanket stitch or and overstitch. However, as these ornaments are small, I think the running stitch is perfect.

You can explore all these stitches in our collectionf handstitches for beginners!

Felt Reindeer Ornament – How To:

This is another one of our video tutorials. Though step by step instructions available you. The video shows how to make the reindeer as a brooch. The reindeer brooch is a little easier to make if you are working on this with kids! I do rather adore the ornament though. But they are both cute!

Below the video we have the step by step photos for the Felt Reindeer Ornament! The LONG FORM version of this video is available on YouTube – perfect for students to follow!

Felt Reindeer Ornament – Step by Step Photos

As mentioned in the video, you can either have a go at drawing out your own pattern in pencil (you mostly need basic shapes – ovals!) or grab the free felt reindeer pattern pdf in the Gumroad shop. Simply add $0 at check out

1. Cut out all your pattern pieces first (use our free pattern if you wish!)


Begin by adding the details to both the face and body. Secure the black felt eyes with one white stitch each.

Add the mouth piece with 3 stitches and the body piece with 6 stitches.

Add the red nose with one simple red stitch (or you can use a hot glue to secure the red nose too).


Sew your two body pieces together, leaving the top of your felt reindeer ornament’s body open.



Position the head pieces around the body.

Sew along the neck.

Position the ear piece (pinched to shape), antlers and looped ribbon, before sewing all te way round.

(Note: you can postion the loop ribbon into the head as you go round and sew it in place)


Add a little stuffing. And sew shut.

Now add a ribbon in a loop and bell and your little Felt Reindeer Ornament is finished! Ta da!! SO SO SOOOOOO cute! Doesn’t this make the cutest little Christmas decoration?

Here is another set of felt ornaments – that my daughter made using the same simple process and design! I love the cat, bunny and dog designs, but you could also make a cute fox or matching unicorn ornament?!

The perfect Christmas tree ornaments for pet lovers!

We have many more DIY Christmas Ornaments for you to explore, many with Christmas ornament patterns too… Our favourites are shared here:

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I hope you have much fun with these DIY Christmas Ornaments! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!