Toilet Paper Roll Blower Firework Craft for New Year’s Eve

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Having a New Year’s Eve celebration? Looking for some fun and safe Fireworks Crafts for Kids? Look no further.. have a go at this super cute Toilet Paper Roll Blower Firework crafts! We love using it as a “no noise” firework blower, but it also makes a gorgeous little Windsock craft/ decoration for your celebrations!

Paper Roll Blowers for New Year's Eve

How do you make a paper windsock? Can you use this Firework Craft as a Windsock?

Though we have made these little toilet paper roll fireworks as “firework blowers” – i.e. an interactive activity for preschoolers, you can simply make two holes at the top of your toilet paper roll and thread through some baker’s twiner or yarn! Then hang your firework blower up like a windsock. It would make super cute windsock decoration for sure. A Toilet Paper Roll Windsock and a Toilet Paper Rolll Blower being essentially the same craft!

Supplies need for Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Blowers

Materials required for today’s firework craft are super simple – always go with what you have in the house and don’t buy any extra!! –

  • toilet paper rolls or cardboard tubes (e.g. kitchen towel rolls cut in half)
  • Black or dark blue paint – alternatively you can wrap your paper roll in paper and tuck the ends in, making this a more no mess activity)
  • Sequence or chalk pens to embellish and decorate your blower
  • Recycled tissue paper from old gift wrap or store packaging
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Glue stick
  • OPTIONAL: string for hanging if you wish to use this a New Year’s Eve windsock

How to make a Toilet Paper Roll Blower for New Year’s Eve

Watch our super quick and easy how to video on auto play or follow our easy step by step instructions!

Prepare you toilet paper roll by painting it in the desired colour

paint the paper roll black as the night's sky

We decied to go for a black nighttime sky! However, I think a blue sky or a deep purple sky would look gorgeous too. As mentioned in the supplies section, you can also wrap your paper roll in paper. This would make it a slightly less messy craft.. but does use up more basic resources! Your call.

Make sure you paint is fully dry and then move on to the next step.

Embellishing your paper roll to resemeble the night sky or fireworks

add fireworks stars and patterns

Here we used some sequence we still had left over and embellished our papre roll with stars and round sequence. But as you can see on our second fireworks craft, we also used some chalk pens/ posca pens to add some firework swirls and firework explosions. It really is a question of materials you have to hand and how you wish to decorate your paper roll for New Year’s Eve!

Cutting the blower streamers from tissue paper

cut tissue paper streamers

TOP TIP: The thinner you cut your strips, the easier they will be to blow for children. Next time, I would probably cut them even thinner than shown in the picture!

As our paper roll blowers are meant to resemble fireworks, we decided to go for a firework “colour scheme”. The firework craft shown in the picture is a red based firework, our second firework is blue! We also found some gold tissue paper in our recycling box so decided to add some of that too!

Cut a set of strips from your tissue paper – try and get a similar amount of strips of each colour!

Attached your streams to the paper blower/ windsock

add glue stick to your toilet paper roll blower

Add glue to the inside of your paper roll.

glue the fireworks streamers in place

Start adding your streams and keep going round the inside of your paper roll. You may need to add a littl eglue as you go.

finished firework windsock

Ta da! Your basic toilet paper roll fireworks blower is finished!!! Isn’t it cute. Now simply blow from the right side of the tube and make your streamers flutter. A lovely “no noise” firework craft for young children or children with sound related sensory issues!

Paper Roll Fireworks for New Year's Eve

As mentioned these Toilet Paper Roll Blower Firework would also work great as Windsocks!

I think it is a lovely cratf for preschoolers at any celebration – be it Diwali, Chinese New Year or New Year’s Eve! Enjoy!

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I hope you enjoy them all and wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a safe fireworks display!

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