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Halloween is heading our way and we are looking for some fun Family Halloween Activities. As my kids grow older, we love Halloween more and more.. and enjoy seeing our neighborhood’s efforts at decorating for Halloween. We also love to bake some Halloween Goodies for a spooky movie night and not JUST going out trick or treating. We have a range of fab Family Activities to do this Halloween, including our Free Fun Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printables. There is a printable for older kids and preschoolers who can’t read yet.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt - fun activities for families

Halloween for us, isn’t just about trick or treating. Or you may, as a family, prefer not to eat so many candies and sweets. So like to look at other ways to make it super fun for the kids! In our local community, I am encouraging Halloween Decorating competitions, Boo Your Neighbor activities and we will also have a community led spooky letter hunt. You can read about all these activities in our special Halloween Activities for Families!

Having a Halloween Scavenger Hunt is super quick and easy to organise – you basically download my FREE Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printables and OFF YOU GO!!!! You can either play this inside your home, or by going outside and looking at people’s Halloween decorations.

Halloween Cootie Catcher – perfect for outdoors and indoor Halloween Scavenger Hunts

Cootie Catcher

Before you grab your printable below… We also have a super duper cute Halloween Scavenger Hunt Cootie Catcher – which comes with 12 printable cards, to make an indoor scavenger hunt easier!

Choose from 3 versions –

  • Halloween scavenger hunt (can be played indoors and combined with a candy hunt, as it also has some printables “tokens”)
  • Halloween Quiz (for older kids, ready to read and learn)
  • Haloween “blank” (to add your own quiz questions or Halloween Jokes – e.g. our FREE Ghost Jokes or Spider Jokes)

The printable cards are just cute images – not clue cards – for little ones to color in first! Make it nice and easy for preschoolers and elementary kids to use too!

For your Fun Halloween Hunt you will need:

Halloween scavenger hunt
  • The free printable Halloween scavenger hunt sheets (scroll down to the big red button below)
  • Pens
  • OPTIONAL: treats for each item found
  • OPTIONAL: a grand prize for the most items found

I love a Halloween Scavenger Hunt, as it gets kids up and active and excited about Halloween.

How to organise a Halloween Scavenger Hunt for the whole family

Halloween scavenger hunts can be as complicated or as easy as you like. . You can make it a neighborhood Halloween scavenger hunt or just keep it close to home.

Many Scavenger Hunts are actually more like Halloween Treasure Hunts, will clues and riddles to solve and take a lot more time.

This treasure hunt is super simple and quick to implement.. and you can take as long or as little time over it as you wish.

The rules are simple:

Take your print out and see how many items on it you can find.

If you want, you can make it into a Halloween photo scavenger hunt and encourage the kids to take photos of the find along the way. Then at the end of it you can come together and compare the ghoulish decor!

This fun Halloween Hunt can also be completed on car journeys as a type of “eye spy” version – what items can you find when driving by?

Scavenger hunt

There is a print out for kids who can ready and preschoolers with pictures and words, that you can use to practice reading too.

Scavenger hunt with pencil toppers

The winner is the one who finds the most items in a certain amount of time.

Different ways to use this Fun Halloween Scavenger Hunt

  • award a treat for each item found
  • award a prize for the most items found
  • keep a tally of items found (e.g. 5 pumpkins) and add them up (great for some extra maths skills)
  • get kids to take photos of the items found as proof
  • set time limits or set NO time limits
  • keep in indoors and they have to bring the item
  • keep it outdoors
  • have the scavenger hunt whilst driving to see Halloween decorations

Grab your Fun Halloween Printable here:

We love keeping our printables free for you! These are for personal or classroom use only and not for resale. Enjoy!

Can I organise a virtual Halloween Scavenger Hunt?

Absolutely! If the last years have taught us one thing, is that it IS possible to connect with loved ones online. If you opt for the “indoors Scavenger Hunt”, then you could easily do this Halloween activities of a Zoom call with family or friends.

You can also set this challenge of a number of days and your virtual participants have to email in PHOTOS of them with a item to find. More phots, more points!

Perfect for celebrating Halloween with friends and family that don’t live close to us!

Free Trick or Treating Signs

We also have some great free trick or treating signs for you to download here – let your community know that you are joining in this year:

no trick or treat

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Prize Ideas

Obviously the kids will love some Halloween candy, I mean, who doesn’t like the excuse of yet more treats.. right? But if you want to make some prizes or host a little Halloween party first, wht not make some fun Halloween Pencil Toppers?

Pom Pom Bat

Why not make some spooky pencil toppers, like our Pom Pom Bat Pencil Topper or

Felt Monsters

…easy Felt Monsters Pencil toppers? These would make a great Halloween Party craft too!

I would love to hear how you have organised YOUR Halloween Scavenger Hunt Game and how the kids enjoyed them. Do drop me a message and share your stories!

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