Handprint Crafts for Mother’s Day

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Awwww. Mother’s Day isn’t too far off and we do love get ready with our collection Mother’s Day Ideas for Kids! Though we already have a specific Mother’s Day Crafts for Preschooler Collection, I thought more specifically these Mother’s Day Handprint Keepsake deserved a share! Nothing quite as precious as those adorable little handprints and footprints, right?!

Handprint Crafts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Handprint Keepsakes (Fingerprints and Footprints!)

This collection focusseson HANDPRINT Crafts for Mother’s Day.. however there are also some keepsake fingerprint and footprint art projects too!

Also, as with previous Mother’s Day Ideas, you will find that these Handprint Mother’s Day Crafts will overlap with Valentine’s Day Resources.. but I really do think you will enjoy seeing them. Kids’ handprint DIYs are just too cute and there are lovely all year round!

Adorable Handprint Art for Mom

Here we have a combination of easy handprint craft ideas and fun handprint gifts!

  • Blowing Kisses Hand card – this was a fun hand print activity guest post for Valentine’s day. But I do think children’s hand prints blowing kisses are perfect as a mother’s day handprint craft too!
  • Handprint Flower Bouquet made with a homemade finger paint recipe
  • Handprint Flower pot DIY by A Little Pinch of Perfect – adorable combination of handprint flowers in paper flower pots. So cute! I think these are fun classroom activities. Great for kindergarteners or preschoolers!
  • Handprint Dish read all about it on Mama Papa Bubba – this is such a cute Mother’s Day Gift to make and cherish!
  • Handprint Keyring Charm.. as you know, we love all Handprint Mother’s Day Gifts and this is another such lovely idea by Plucking Daisies – UPDATE: this website unfortunately is no long available. They combine a shrinky dink handprint with a letter charm they purchased to make a lovely Mother’s Day handprint gift. Plymouth Rock Teachers has a tutorial for shrinky dink handprints here – though does require some purchases to make.
  • And as we love bookmarks so much – some cute handprint boomarks by Darice – always an adorable gift for Mom, grandparents od dad!
  • “MOM” Handprint Apron by The Craft Patch Blog
  • Handprint Flower Tote Bags by Nifty Mom
  • Gorgeous handprint flower bouquet art by Munchkin Time

Mother’s Day Fingerprint Projects

Fun with Footprint Art for Mother’s Day Crafts

We have some cute footprint crafts too – these are especially great for babies or very young children – they often find it hard not to “clench” their handinto a fist. So footprint arts and crafts are perfect for these little ones.

  • Heart Footprints made in salt dough – super thrifty and gorgeous
  • Footprint bookmarks – we made a set for father’s day onces.. but I am so glad I made them.. as I (!) ended up using them too. And their baby feet were so tiny and precious. Say aaaah. Definitely a must for any mother’s day gift making or of ocurse for dad too!
  • Adorable Footprint Butterfly Pot – what a lovely gift to enjoy in the garden by Mamma Papa Bubba – I think this footprint butterfly would work really well as a butterfly handprint card too – don’t you think? So cute!
  • Gorgeous Footprint Flowers – so sweet by Tippy Toe Crafts

More Mother’s Day Resources for Younger Children include:

As with all our “themes” we have many more ideas for kindergarteners, toddlers and preschoolers this Mother’s Day including the following –

Preschool Mother’s Day Ideas – a set of more general Mother’s Day Crafts that preschoolers will love to make!

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Heart Crafts for Toddlers – some wonderful heart crafts. I always think that hearts make a great Mother’s Day Gift too (not just flowers!!), after all we all LOVE MOM! So if hearts are your theme this Mother’s Day, DO take a peak a these lovely and easy preschooler heart crafts.

Toddler Heart Crafts to make at Valentine's Day or Mother's Day!

And of course.. some Preschooler Valentine’s Day Cards – the messages of love are perfect for mum too!

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