Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For You or Your Kids

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Over the years, we have pulled together a number of Mother’s Day Craft Ideas to make! There are so many different parts of the blog to explore and browse, I thought bringing the key topics here together today, would be of help!

So if you are looking for Mother’s Day Cards or Preschool Activities. Salt Dough Heart gifts or gorgeous flowers to make.. we have a fantastic collection of Kids Crafts to browse and make! Take a peak here.

Overview of our Mother’s Day Projects:

Easy Mother's Day Crafts should always include cards for Kids

Mother’s Day Card Making Ideas – needless to say, every Mother’s Day needs a homemade card! Our favourite card making ideas just for mom!

Mother's Day Activities for Preschoolers

Mother’s Day Activities for Preschoolers – we love crafting with little ones – their work is extra special and perfect as Mother’s Day Keepsakes.

Mothers Day Gifts preschoolers can make

Included in our Preschooler Activities collection above are also this fabulous set of Preschool Mother’s Day Gifts, that I thought would be great to highlight!

Extensive list of Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

Our Top Mother’s Day Crafts for kids and “one stop shop” for everything you need!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

…including a fabulous subset of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and more!

Mother's Day Handprint Ideas

… as well as these gorgeously sweet Handprint Keepsake (with some finger prints and footprints added too). Mum will love these!

Adorable Heart Crafts for Mother’s Day Crafts

Though so many people make HEART Crafts for Valentine’s Day, they are of course also VERY suitable for Mum on Mother’s Day. Which is why a special section of heart crafts should be part of any Mother’s Day Ideas collection.

Easy Heart Crafts
Our biggest list of Heart Crafts to make!

Our complete and extensive collection of Heart Crafts – your heart DIY 101. All of these crafts would be suitable as gifts or makes on Mother’s Day too!

Easy Paper Heart Crafts for Valentine's Day
Paper Hearts are fun and versatile

Adorable Hearts made from Paper! We particularly love any heart related cards for Mother’s Day or Heart Shaped Mother’s Day Bookmark ideas! Also, check out this great set of printable Mother’s Day Teacher Resources.

Clay Hearts make great gifts

Gorgeous Salt Dough HEART gifts to make from clay or Salt Dough. So sweet!

Toddler Heart Crafts to make at Valentine's Day or Mother's Day!
Toddler Heart Crafts are simply the sweetest

And of course, it is nice to see what Heart Crafts for Toddlers are suitable for Mother’s Day!

Paper Flowers make a great Mother’s Day Craft Idea

Say it with flowers.. or more specicifally – paper flowers for Mother’s Day Crafting!

Paper Flowers
Make a bunch of paper flowers for Mother’s Day

Learn how to make Paper Flowers Step by Step at home! These would be gorgeous Mother’s Day Flowers to make too!