Gorgeous Spring Crafts and DIYs

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In my house we are always excited for Spring! It is such a lovely time of year that brings freshness, new colours and the promise of summer. The are many wonderful Spring Themes and crafts to explore too – spring animals, flowers, pastel colours and blossoms! It a time to open the windows, let in the fresh air, but also turn to your gardens and window boxes and get them ready! I have tried to bring together a number of crafts with these themes in mind.

DIY Spring Craft Projects for Kids

A lovely collection of spring crafts for kids

I have tried to pick crafts that embody Spring in general vs “Easter Crafts” – of course the two do overlap – especially around all the cute spring chicks and spring bunny crafts. But of course, not all of us celebrate Easter or sometimes we want to make something along a more general theme! Right through the month of April too! And not just for Easter. Or maybe you live in a country where “your spring” is during “Autumn” (Good Day, Australia)… So hopefully these crafts will inspire you for the whole spring season!

Crafting for the Spring Garden

As mentioned a big part of spring is finally being able to “get back outside” and get digging in your spring garden or window boxes! We have thrifty little gardening DIYs you can have a go at – to help you get your seedling started and growing.

Newspaper pots

Newspaper Seedling Pots – a timeless classic – you can make seedling pots from old newspapers – or that brown paper packaging that comes in an Amazon delivery box. No special tools required (please don’t be tempted to buy a “seedling pot maker” – it really isn’t necessary).. just a glass and some paper!

Upcycled garden ideas - recycled

Here is a set of 5 Thrifty Recycled Ways to Start a Spring Garden (it does include the paper pots too, but also some other ideas). I especially love the fruit punnets as mini indoor glasshouses. So simple and yet so effective for very young seedlings.

Blossom Crafts & Spring Flower Crafts

Spring of course is also about spring flowers.. here are some super lovely and easy spring crafts for you try.

Spring Flowers Printable Wreath

This gorgeous paper Spring Wreath Comes as a Spring Wreath (see image) or can also quickly and easily be adapted as an Easter Wreath. Either way, this is a FREE printable for you here on Red Ted Art.. So do grab yourself a copy ASAP and make this great spring decor today.

spring blossom craft

Egg Carton Blossoms – not only did we have fun making these lovely egg carton blossoms – as is.. we then pop them onto some fairy lights for some really spring magic. So pretty!

One year we explored the four seasons by looking at what “actually” happened with the trees in our area each season. Here we collected fallen blossom and some small twigs to make some gorgeous Blossom Trees.

Origami Tulip

Spring flowers are of course a must – there are many lovely flowers the represent spring from bluebells, to snowdrops and daffodils.. and of course tulips! These Origami Tulips are a great beginners project and can be made with preschoolers and kindergarten kids as part of a Mother’s Day Card or Spring Collage too.

spring daffodil cards

Pop Up Daffodil Card – here is a simple pop up flower card – that is cheerful and effective. You may want to see more Daffodil Crafts here!

Spring Animal Crafts for All

Time for some of those lovely spring animals that kids always love to make.

Paper plate sheep

These adorable Paper Plate Sheep are particularly easy and lovely for toddlers and preschoolers to make. They explore different textures (the cotton wool, the ribbed plate) and a wonderful sensory craft project to have a go at!

Lambs and sheep are of course a wonderful craft topic for Spring and have an extensive set of Sheep and Lamb Crafts here for you to brows!

Craft stick chickens

Fun Craft Stick Chickens – as you know we love working with recycled popsicle sticks. Popsicle sticks are great for exploring triangle shapes and crafts. With that in mind, why not try this craft project and make some fun and quirky chickens! As with our sheep, we have many more chick and chicken crafts for you to explore.

Adorable pom pom sheep on a wreath

If you are looking for more fine motor skills crafts – why not hrab some yarn and have a go at these super easy yarn wrapped paper plate wreaths? Combine your ywarn wrapping with some adorable pom pom sheep and you have a super cute Spring Wreath Decor. You can make other spring animals from your pom poms too… try some chicks or bunnies instead?

Easy Paper Birds

These doodle birds always make me laugh!! They are also a great introduction to orgami – as quick and easy to make. So fun! And don’t you adore the pastel spring colours?!

Spring Insects to look foward to

Spring craft ideas of course also need some butterflies, bees and insects!

finger knitting butterfly

Have you tried finger knitting? Finger knitting is again a great fine motor skill activity that is fantastic for practicing pattern making. Once you have mastered making the basic finger knitted sausage.. you can quickly and easily to the craft project into a Finger Knitted Butterfly! So lovely!

Or if you are looking for something more simple to do in the classroom, we always adore Coffee Filter Butterflies. A wonderful opportunity to explore some color theory and coloring mixing too!

As with all our animal themed crafts, we have more Butterfly Crafts here! Hope you enjoy these craft projects too.

Frog Crafts and Ideas

Next up we have the fun little frog!

frog card finishing touches

Make some fun fingerprint and potato print frog cards and collages – a particularly lovely craft for toddlers and preschoolers. You can then decorate these cute frog prints for different occassions and add froggy puns (e.g have a Froggy Birthday!).

crazy jumping frogs

Older kids can have a go at making their own jumping Origami Frogs. We spent some time testing all the different origami frog patterns, and found that the “difficulting/ bounce ratio” on this one was particularly good – ie. not too difficult to learn how to fold this frog, with a pretty decent jump too!

outline of 5 spring animal coloring pages

If you are in a hurry, why not try out our set of 3d Spring Animal Coloring Pages?

And yes, as you can imagine, we have many more fabulous Frog Crafts for you to check out too!

Spring Rainbow Crafts

Finally, a quick peak at our most favourite Rainbow Crafts! I do feel that spring with its April Showers, also brings with it some lovely rainbows. Though of course you will find rainbows throughout summer crafting too!

Pop Up Rainbow cards

First up, we have our super popular pop up rainbow cards. They are so so soooo fun to make and I have now added templates and easy to print worksheet instructions for those of you who would like to use these.

Rainbow clouds from yarn

Similarly, how about some cheerful yarn wrapped rainbow clouds? As with the the Paper Plate Wreath, these make gorgeous and happy DIY rainbow decorations for spring!

Finger Knitting Rainbows

https://www.redtedart.com/book-cook-duckies-rainbow-by-frances-barry/I couldn’t resist this finger knitted rainbow here too. It is a bit more work and a little fiddlier – but a great way to practice connecting strands of finger knitting to make something bigger!

Fun Rainbow Cookies

Finally, after all your hard work crafting, I do feel you deserve a little break and some yummy rainbow cookies. What makes these extra fun, is that you can explore some color theory whilst you are at it! We made these using our egg free cookie recipe, making these taste safe for toddlers and preschoolers too!

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