How to… Make Soap (for Beginners)!

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How to make soap – for beginners or a Dinosaur activity for you! (Say what? Dinosaurs AND soap? Read on..). “Real” soap making is actually tricky, you need chemicals (Lye) and safety equipment (googles, gloves) and thermometers… so after reading lots about it, I decided that maybe it wasn’t quite for me. But I still wanted a go at Soap Making in general. So researched a little and found the fabulous “Melt & Pour” soap. Which basically takes the “first tricky step” out. You can have fun with this same method making fabulous Recycled Egg Candles too! These Dino Eggs would be a great Easter Craft – replacing chocolate gifts in the Easter Basket! We love cute Dinosaur Activities for preschoolers!

Dinosaur Egg Soaps - easy DIY Soap for Beginners. Make these super fun Dinsoaur Soaps. Kids wash their hands to release the baby dinosaur hatchlings. A great Easter Basket Gift! #easter #eggs #easterbaskets

NOTE: this dino soap eggs post was first published in March  2012, we have updated it for you and republished for convenience!

Melt & Pour, is easy, safe and you can do all sorts of things… such as getting small boys to wash their hands! Melt & Pour soap, comes in all sorts of guises and if you “google it”, you will find Organic Melt & Pour soap and all sorts. It tends to come in a semi clear  pot and is great value for money. Once you have a pot… you can get started and make all sorts of lovely soaps.

Today’s craft is fun fun fun craft for you, which will have the end result that little boys and girls will WANT to wash their hands!!!! We are making Dinosaur Egg Soap!! Yes. Dinosaur soap! If you are looking for dinosaur activities, look no further, this will tickle your kids pink.

DIY Dino Egg Soap – Materials:

  • Melt & Pour Soap (found some here US /UK),
  • a jug, mircowave (you can melt it on the stove too),
  • some cling film,
  • container to shape your soap – we used egg shells (check out how to blow an egg out),
  • mini dinosaurs to fit your eggs. Optional: colour & essential oils for Melt & Pour soap. I bought some lemon (US/ UK) and lavender oils (US/ UK).
  • Small dinosaur toys – as small as you can find.. but if they “stick” out of your egg a bit, it is no disaster and just as much fun (e.g. US/ UK)!

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DIY Dino Egg Soap – How To

1) Your Melt & Pour soap will come with instructions, but in essence:

Put your Melt & Pour soap in a heat proof container and add clingfilm (to retain moisture). I did small batches at a time, so I could experiment, without wasting any soap. Cover with cling film. Place in microwave for about 40-60seconds. I found that if you “over heat” your soap, it will boil and form lots of bubbles. I think key to “good soap making” is avoiding the surface bubbles. So you are better off gently heating your soap. Check on it every 10-15 seconds.

dinosaur activities

2) Prepare your egg – I blew all my eggs out in advance and made sure they were fully dry. On the “round end of the egg, I open the hole large enough to fit the dinosaur. I did this with the help of my tack – pricking bigger holes and then gently prying it open. I think it would look great with lizards and snakes too.. anything you can manage to “fit in”. I cleaned the inside of the egg with my finger. Add a little playdough or tape to the bottom of the hole to close up the egg. If you add playdough – make sure you don’t push it inside the egg (i.e. clear any that goes in, you don’t want it upsetting the final soap!).

dinosaur activities

3)  Back to your soap. Add your essential oils and colours if you wish. Stir gently. Then pour into your prepared egg – slowly and gently to avoid bubbles and cavities. The soap solidifies really quickly, so do do it gently, but don’t take too long.

make soap easy

4) Let fully cool. I put it in the fridge, as I am impatient. Once cool, carve off the egg shell with a knife. Soap is VERY soft, so you will probably not get the same smooth surface as we did with our Egg Candles. But I don’t think that matters – as a) dinosaur eggs look authentic if a little rough around the edges and b) you will be washing you hands anyway, so it will smooth out the surface with use.

Dinosaur Egg Soaps - easy DIY Soap for Beginners. Make these super fun Dinsoaur Soaps. Kids wash their hands to release the baby dinosaur hatchlings. A great Easter Basket Gift! #easter #eggs #easterbaskets

DONE! A little bit of “World Play” first and then off to the bathroom.

I think this makes a great dinosaur activity, is a great addition to party bags, or for a non chocolately Easter! Melt & Pour soap really is brilliant for beginners!!!

Easy DIY Dino Egg Soaps - these are super fun to make and are great as small gifts at parties, Easter or as Stocking Fillers!

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