Plushie Cat Crochet Loaf Pattern (No Sew)

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We have a super cute mini crochet cat plushie for you to have a go at this. These crochet loaf plushies are super quick to make. You can scale them up or down to match your yarn. If you use regular cotton to crochet, they make adorable keychains. If you use super plush, you get a cute plushie. The best bit? This Loaf Cat Crochet pattern is no sew (save for the loose end at the end.. and adding features). We have a Large Loaf Cat Crochet pattern for you too.. great for beginners!

mini loaf cat crochet pattern

Oh and did I mention this crochet cat pattern is also no sew? Hurray!

This is another great crochet project by Craft Alotl. You can get the printable version (with no ads!) on ONE handy printable page in her Raverly store – support of her store ALWAYS appreciated! 🙂 You will find many low cost patterns there! To help you and a her! Thank you.

Supplies to make this new sew cat loaf

  • Yarn of choice – a chunky chenille for a loaf cat plushie or cotton for mini cat keychains
  • Safety eyes that work with your yarn thickness or sew on eyes
  • Yarn scraps for loaf cat nose and whiskers
  • Hooks to match yarn
  • Stuffing
  • Darning needle for facial feature of the cat and loose ends
kitten crochet patterns quick

Crochet Abbreviations used for this mini cat loaf plushie

We used American crochet terminology throughout. Also, we have a fantastic set of beginner crochet videos that you can browse at your leisure. These include everything from how to hold your yarn, to magic circles and how to do a half double crochet etc.

  • MC – Magic Circle (also known as magic ring) – Magic Circle Tutorial here
  • SC – Single Crochet
  • DC – Double crochet
  • Inc – increase
  • Dec – decrease
  • slst – Slip stitch (also seen as SS on other patterns)
  • Flo – Front loop only
  • Blo – Back loop only
  • Ch – chain
  • Bob – Bobble Stitch (a video tutorial is embedded just below or watch it on YouTube here!) – the bobble stitch is used to make the bear’s arm and legs, without the need to sew them on afterwards! If you aren’t ready for the Bobble Stitch – try this larger loaf cat pattern (also free), it uses easier stitches!).

How to make a mini bobble crochet stitch

So.. let’s get started on this ridiculously cute and easy Amigurumi Bear!

How to make a cat loaf – free crochet pattern for plushies

As this is a no sew loaf cat, we will make the whole cat in one go!

Rnd 1) 6sc into mc [6]
Rnd 2) 6inc [12]
Rnd3) this round, we will be creating the cat’s ears: (1sc,inc)x 3, (Ch 3, slst in second ch from hook, Dc), Sc in Flo of next stitch, inc, sc, inc, (Ch 3, slst in second ch from hook, DC), sc in flo of next stitch, inc [18]
Place Cat’s Safety Eyes between rnds 2 & 3, either side of face
Rnd4) 9sc, 1 sc in Blo, 5sc, 1sc in blo, 2sc [18]
Rnd 5) this round, we will be creating the cat’s paws: 1sc, Bob, 3sc, Bob, 12sc [18]
Rnd 6) 18sc [18]
Rnd 7) 18sc [18]
Rnd 8) this round, we will be creating the cat’s paws & tail : 2sc, Bob, 3sc, Bob, 7sc, (ch7, in starting from the second stitch, 6 slst), 1 sc in Blo, 3sc [18]
Rnd 9) 9 Dec [9] Stuff the body
Rnd 10) 4 dec, 1 sc [5]

Here the loaf cat view from top and from the bottom:

Here the loaf cat view from the other side and from the back:

If you love Cat Loaf Crochet Patterns and are looking for a larger version, we have this fantastic Crochet Cat pattern (also free!!) for you to try – it is a longer crochte project but “technically” easier as use less variations in crochet stitches – single crochet, decrease and chain and NO Magic Circle. So this is a great beginners crochet patterns. But as you can see from the image a bigger project as you will crochet 42 rounds (instead of the mini loaf cat’s 10!).

Loaf Crochet Pattern
cute kitten crochet loaf pattern free
no sew cat crcoet project

More free loaf crochet patterns coming soon!