Pop Up Bunny Craft – 3d Easter Card Peeps

Learn how to make a pop up Easter card with this adorable pop up bunny craft today! Based on the iconic peeps bunny design, learn how to make your own pop up cards. SO CUTE and yes.. SO EASY!

iconic peeps bunnies
Make this pop up bunny craft based on the iconic peeps bunnies! A simple Easter Card!

Today’s bunny craft has step by step photo instructions! Which can also be grabbed as a handy one page worksheet. A simple DIY to do at home or in the classroom!

Supplies needed for your Pop Up Bunny Craft – Peeps inspired

We like to keep things simple.. so in essence:

  • some cardstock or even construction paper (though card better)
  • some ordinary printer paper
  • pens and markers for coloring
  • pencils for tracing
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • the template:

Visit my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s Store for a printable worksheet and a choice of TWO templates – one where you cut out the paper chain in full (requires more cutting skills), the other, where you use a basic “half” template to trace and make your own paper chains. By purchasing this lesson plan activity pack, you are supporting the upkeep of this website 🙂 however, you can still get crafty and make this without the template. I will guide you through it all below!

How to make a pop up Easter Bunny card – Iconic Peeps Inspired!

Create your own Peeps Bunny template

As mentioned, you DO NOT have to use my activity pack on teacher’s pay teacher’s can instead draw your own template. Choose what works best for you! The video on autoplay at 32 sec shows you how to draw your own peeps bunny!

But will also talk you through it:

  • Find something round to race for the peeps tummy
  • Draw an oval on top of the peeps face
  • Make some big junkie peeps ears – they are probably as tall as the tummy is wide!

The icon peeps bunnies really is made up of simple shapes! Make them a perfect theme for this easy craft!

Once you have drawn it, cut it in half “down the middle” to make yourself a paper chain template. Done!

Make your iconic Peeps bunnies paper chain

make a peeps bunny template

Fold your paper 6 times, making sure the folds align with the bunny on both sides.

Trace the template with the folds meeting the centre line and the side of the design overlapping the open edge a little.

Cut out.

paper bunny chain

Your basic paper chain bunnies are done! Decorate the bunny shapes. You can add simple faces or color them in.

cut & color easter eggs

Use any paper cut offs to cut out some egg shapes and color in with pens, markers or crayons, whatever you enjoy using most. Just haev fun with the decoration!

Assemble the pop up bunny craft

glue one side of the bunny in the card
How great the simple pop up

Fold the bunnies back up to make a stack.

Add glue to one side and glue down on the inside of the card.

final paper bunny pop up
Your basic Easter pop up is almost ready!

Add glue to the exposed side.

Close the card on top of this.

basic bunny pop up

When open you will have your bunny pop up.

Add finishing touches and personalize the pop up Easter card

pop up easter cards
Isn’t this simple a lovely Happy Easter Card?!

You can now decorate with Easter eggs. You could also cut some green Easter grass for the background too if you wish. And then write a Happy Easter greeting!

front of card

Add details to the cover of your card if you wish! We did this by cutting out a Peeps paper bunny. Sticking it on the front in the corner. Flipping the card over and trimming off the edges! Lovely!

You can add Happy Easter or Hoppy Easter speach bubbles too!

fun pop up bunny

Now grab an envelope, pop upi card inside and post it to a loved one! A lovely way to send a personalized message and put a smile on someone’s face!

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