Popsicle Stick Witch Ornament


We have made popsicle stick stars before… now let’s turn these into an easy Halloween craft make a ridiculously cute and easy popsicle stick Witch Ornament! Be sure to include these little cute witches in any Halloween activities you have planned.

Popsicle stick star witch

craft stick witch decoration
Make your own witch as a Halloween Ornament or Fridge Magnet!

Handmade Halloween Tree Ornaments

Today we share some simple instructions for making a super duper cute Halloween Witch Ornament. Perect for any Halloween Tree decorations you are planning. Or if not a Halloween Tree.. wouldn’t these little Star Witches be cute as a little Halloween Garland?

The Pentagram star is the perfect basis for any witch craft!

This little witch craft is super easy to make and only uses some basic shapes (triangle, rectangle and circles). So kids of all ages can enjoy this craft. Older kids can have a go at cutting out their own craft shapes (e.g. hat shape and witch’s hair), younger kids can simply enjoy the assembly, whilst you help pre cut the shapes. Either way, I am sure you will have a lot of fun with this Halloween activity!

Can’t wait for the Spooky Season to really get started!

Supplies needed for your witch popsicle stick craft

As with previous craft stick crafts of ours the craft supplies to make these Halloween craft are simple, per witch you will need:

  • 5 craft sticks to make a pentagram star (recycle your popsicle sticks please!)
  • Black marker pens (e.g. black sharpie or regular felt tip pen) or black paint
  • Some construction paper or regular paper scraps in black, green (for the hat), skin tone (for the face) and orange/ hair color
  • White glue for the star
  • Glue stick for the paper witch hat and witch face
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some Halloween baker’s twine or ribbon

OPTIONS: instead of making this a Halloween Tree Ornament, you could add a magnet to the back of this CUTE witch and turn into adorable Popsicle Stick Star Fridge ornaments.

I have popped a worksheet printable (ad free!!) in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store for a small fee. It includes an overview of the Santa Star, Nativity Star and Witch Ornaments too! Your purchase helps support the upkeep of this blog. THANK YOU!

worksheet printables

More Halloween Popsicle Stick Crafts

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How to make a popsicle stick with star ornament

Make your popsicle stick star (pentagram)

So as mentioned we are making a pentagram, the five pointed stars! These are have mystical powers and are a very popular witch symbol!

We are back to our Christmas Popsicle Stick Star and will use this as a basis for Star Witch Craft!

We found it useful to have a ready made one laid out to “copy”. If you haven’t made one already (why would you! Ha!). You can lay one out so you and the kids have one to “follow”. It just makes it a little easier!

NOTE: (see below) if you are using black felt tip pens to color your star, do this first! If you are painting them, you can do this later!

Start by laying one craft stick down in a way that creates the “top point”. Add a blob of regular craft glue to the top of this craft stick and add a second stick pointing down. To make the beginning of a capital A shape! Now add a blob of glue to the bottom of the second craft stick.

Lay a third popsicle stick on to that glue and make it point back up towards the top left hand side. Add another bit of glue to the top of the third craft stick. Now add the fourth craft stick to go horizontally across.

For the last fifth craft, you will need to add to bits of glue – one to the fourth and one to the first craft sticks. Place your final craft stick in place. As you have used PVA glue, your star is not yet “secure. We like to give it a bit of a wiggle to make sure we are happy with the final shape.

Note: the 5th and the 1st popsicle stick sometimes “lift” off each other whilst drying. So you may want to add a little more glue later and maybe way it down. Or secure it with hot glue if you need to!

Decorate your Craft Stick Star to make it into a Witch

Move over Christmas Tree.. it is now time to take your basic Craft Stick Star Ornament and turn it into a Halloween Tree Ornament!

paint the pentagram star black

Take your basic star and paint it black! We used black acyrlic paint here, but you can use black marker pens. Having said that, if you prefer to use marker pens, it is probably easier to colour popsicle sticks black FIRST!

cut your witch features from paper

Now you need to cut out your witch from paper. As you can see here, the shapes are very basic! To help you cut the witch’s hat, trace the top of the your popsicle stick star and cut that out and trim down. So you will need:

  • a round triangle in black paper (use popsicle stick star to trace)
  • a green rectangle for band on witch’s hat (or purple!)
  • a black rectangle for the witch’s hat brim
  • a coin sized face in desired skin tone
  • some rosy cheekys (optional! I used a hole punch for these)
  • strips of orange paper (or other desired hair colour!)

Glue the green strip of paper to your black triangle and trim.

Glue the black rectangle to the bottom of the hat. Your basic paper witch hat is finished. Now on to the witch face!

Curl your strips of orange paper and glue onto the head.

Add you rosy cheeks.

Glue the head to the back of the paper witch hat.

Draw a cute witch’s face onto your paper. I like to add a big witch’s nose, a witch’s beauty spot and little black heart shaped lips.

glue the witch's head to the star body

Add a little glue to the craft stick star.

the star witch is so cute

Secure your witch’s head in place. Your basic craft stick witch is finished!

Secure the hanging ribbon to your witch ornament

secure the bakers twine

For this Halloween craft, I was a little “lazy” and simply secure the baker’s twine with some blu tak. You can of course hot glue it on, or use some regular white glue and let it dry!

finished halloween popsicle stick ornament

Ta-daaaa isn’t this the cutest Halloween craft? I do rather LOVE a cute witch craft for kids.

Extension ideas for your witch popsicl stick craft

LOVE this witch and want to have a go.. here is how you can go one step further (if you wish):

  • you can yarn wrapp the star before adidng the witch’s head
  • you can add extras, such a as spider sequins
  • add some black glitter glue
  • add some black cardstock to the back or pretty halloween spirit pattern paper – this is especially nice if yousing these as fridge magnets

Simply have a rummage and see what you have.. Our little witch was inspired by our popular Toilet Roll Witch that I made a few years ago:

Toilet paper roll witch with cat and broomstick

You could accessories your Craft Stick Star Witch with a paper broom and paper cat too?! So cute!

If you feel inspired, maybe you will would also a browse of our Halloween Tree Ornaments and Craft Stick Crafts!