Fun Witch Craft Ideas for a Spooky Halloween

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How about some witchy decor fun and witch crafts for kids this Halloween? Take a peak at our fun DIYs for you to try! These spooky Halloween fun witch crafts are suitable for students in the classroom or when crafting with your own kids at home.

how to make a witch
Witchy Decor and Witch Crafts for Kids

Looking for Hocus Pocus Crafts and Decorations?

If you are looking for more specifically Hocus Pocus Crafts (vs “just” Witch Crafts and Witch decorations), DO keep reading. Though not all the crafts are specifically Hocus Pocus themed witches, they CAN easily be adapated. To make a “regular” witch a Hocus Pocus witch.. all you need to do, is

  • THREE: Make a set of three witches – Winifred, Mary, Sarah
  • Hocus Pocus HAIR: Make sure each witch has different colored hair, you will need – poofy orange, long yellow/ blond and pointy dark brown/ purple hair. But to be honest, just going for orange, yellow and brown will do
  • Hocus Pocus OUTFITS: Taylor your witch’s outfit to match each Hocus Pocus Witch! So.. go for yellow and purple/ pink, orange and green and dark brown/ purple and brown/ red!


  • Winifred: Poofy Orange Hair & Green Robes
  • Mary: Pointy Dark Brown/ Black/ Purple & Brown/Red Robes
  • Sarah: Long Yellow & Purple/ Pink Robes
  • No hats!

And hey presto.. your “ordinary” witch is now a Hocus Pocus witch. Simples.

On to our DIY Witch Craft collection.

Easy Halloween Witch Crafts for kids and adults

Sooo finally, lovely crafts showing you how to make a witch!! Lots of Halloween crafts here for you today! A sure way to have a fun Halloween in the classroom or at home this spooky season.

Toilet paper roll witch with cat and broomstick

Toilet Paper Roll Witch, with Cardboard Tube Cat & Broom

Of course almost ALL of our fun crafts collections, HAS to include the humble toilet paper roll. And I hope that once again, I don’t disappoint with our cute little Toilet Roll Witch and Black Cat (complete with DIY Witch broom too). A super cute and easy make. And you could easily turn this into Winifred, Mary and Sarah, by adapting the colours and fiddling with the hair styles a bit too. Don’t you think?

finished halloween popsicle stick ornament

Pentagram Witch with Craft Sticks

A pentagram star makes the perfect Witchy witch, don’t you think? Learn how to make a craft stick star witch today!

halloween paper dolls

Free Printable Witch Paper Doll for Halloween

Why not give our free Printable Witch Doll a go? We LOVE paper dress up dolls.. so are so fun and easy to make and play with. And here is a wonderful printable for Halloween and witch fans!

wooden spoon witch for hocus pocus
A fun craft that toddlers will love to play with

Wooden Spoon Witch Craft for Kids

Cathie Filian makes and adorable Wooden Spoon Witch! Isn’t it cute? Great for some pretend play. You could easily adapt the colours, make a set of three and turn this into a fun Hocus Pocus craft, don’t you think?

hocus pocus popsicle sticks

Hocus Pocus Witch Popsicle Sticks Set

The Keepers of the Cheerios blog shows us exactly how easy it is to adapt a Witch Popsicle Sticks craft into a Hocus Pocus Craft! I love how they even added the witch candles!

3d paper gnome halloween accessories
The Cauldron Gnome is a perfect witchy gnome.. don’t you think?

Paper Gnome with Witch Cauldron

How about our Halloween Paper Gnomes? Wouldn’t the witch’s cauldron gnome be a perfect paper witch gnome too? Such a great craft made from just paper. You could use our FREE Gnome Pattern and make these from felt too, if you wish! Maybe combine with some faux fur and use our DIY Gnome noses “trick” to make a squishy nose!

felt witch gnomes

Felt Witch Gnomes with Cauldrons

Similarly, Little Yellow Wheelbarrow has these adorable FELT Witch Gnomes. Aren’t they the sweetest! A great cratf if you love a little sewing.

hocus pocus gnomes
Such a cute witch craft!! LOVE!

Hocus Pocus Gnomes

Sorry.. just ONE MORE on the gnome front.. as I simply CANNOT resist them!! How about this hilarious set of Hocus Pocus Gnomes made from socks over on Ruffles and Rainboots???

Paper Origami Witch Hat with doodle details or add stickers to decorate

Origami Witch’s Hat Tutorial

Witch Hat Origami – back to some paper crafts for kids. If you love orgami, why not try making an origami witch hat! These would look great as wall decor or as part of a Halloween garland. Origami is a great way to teach kiddos about symmetry and improve their fine motor skills.

how to make a paper hat

Paper Witches Hat Ornament for the Halloween Tree

Witches Hat – did you know that Halloween Trees are now a “Thing”! Oh yes they are.. and where you have a decorative Halloween Tree, you will also need some Halloween ornaments. I love this cute little 3d Witches Hat made entirely from paper. Such a fun idea.

Toddler wearing an easy to make paper witch hat as part of her Halloween costume

Cute Witch Hat Fascinator for adults or kids

How to make a Witch Hat Fascinator – I love this little Witch Accessory Fascinator – as you can make it from “regular sized” black cardstock or light card. I also think it looks super cute on both kids or adults alike. The size just means it is a fabulous little accessory!

combine the witch costume

DIY Witch Costume that doesn’t cost a lot

A super thrifty way to make yourself a Halloween Witch Costume, is to use bin liners! Really no purchases necessary to make this outfit! Simply have a good ol’ rummage at home to see what supplies you have to hand. We used some ribbons (for the band around the waste) and trash bags to make this fabulous DIY.

how to make a witch broom

How to make a Witch Broom Decoration for Halloween

Now if you are really keen.. you can make yourself a witch broom too – but we decided not to make one, as it was one more thing to carry around trick or treating! Or why not make one (as they are so fun) and use it as some Halloween decoration for your porch? Here is fantastic tutorial for you to check out!

DIY Squashed Witch Legs for the Little Free Library

Easy Squashed Witch DIY Halloween Decor

Squashed Witches are so fun and so easy to make and are one of my favourite Halloween ideas to make with the kiddos! I used an old tutu of my daughters, some stripy socks (they aren’t even stockings/ tights). Stuffed them with stuffing from and old pillow and had aneighbour donate some ruined shoes! And done. I chose to squash our witch under our little free library.. but anything goes. You can pop her under a pumpkin pile, or a door mat on your front porch. Easy!!!

witch wreath diy

Cute and Easy Witch Wreath

How cute is this Halloween Witch Wreath by a Piece of Rainbow? Learn how to make the Witch Stockings and Witch Broom. Then grab the flying lessons printables and done! She shows you how to put it all together, and if you don’t have a green wreath, has instructions on how to use this craft as a Halloween door decoration too!

witch dress up doll

Witch DIY Dress Up Doll

I already shared the cutest of cute Witch Paper Doll’s further up above. But here is another variation on the same theme. Crafty Staci, has a printable witch doll template to cut from felt! You can make this as a felt doll to dress up (hot glue the clothes on the witch), or better still.. turn it into this adorable witch laundry garland. Isn’t it cute!?

witch flower pot diy

Witch Flower Pot Decor

Super cute Witch Flower Pot DIY by The Chirping Moms.

Witch Porch Decor

Another version of the DIY Witch Pot

Or dry this version of the porch witch decoration from DLTK!

Witch Accessories

All witches need some accessories.. right? So I wanted to have a short section dedicated to witch accessories that you may want to wear with a witch’s costume or to add to any finishing touches for your witch decorations/ witch homes. These would include:

Make DIY Witches Wands

DIY Wands for Witches – every witch needs a wand, surely? And these “personalised wands” are just the thing. Love the addition of nature finds! So cute!

Some Spider Accessory Crafts

Similarly, my daughter made some of these spiders a while back (all you need to do is cut circles and know to sew a running stitch) and they made GREAT additions to her Witch’s hat! Maybe even have a go at making a witch broom too! Or once you have your basic Witches Outfit… you can accessorize it as much as you like! Leave it plain… add funky jewelry or sew your self a bright and colourful spider brooch?

Whatever you do, also make sure you have lots and lots of candles as part of your witch themed Halloween decorations this year!! You can go with the traditional white church candles, but black candles, purples and greens would look cool too!

Witch Themed Halloween Treats and Snacks

Well any self respecting collection of Halloween activities of course needs some snacks! So here are our witch snack ideas.

Witches Fingers

Yummy Witches Fingers Party Food

Halloween Party Food – we made ourselves a little Halloween Tea Party a few years back.. and as part of this made a set of Shortbread Witch Fingers! These Halloween cookies were SO FUN and easy to make.. and of course very tasty too! We saved some to share in our “Boo Your Neighbours” packages too.

Witchs Finger Mold for Chocolates and Candy

I am dying to give these chocoloate finger molds a go – spotted them over on Etsy (affiliate links added – these cost you nothing, but would pay me a small commision should you choose to purchase through this link!). I think they would be great fun to add as cupcake toppers!

I think that that is it from us for now! Though we will of course be adding more fabulous Witch Crafts for Kiddos over time. You can never have too many fun Halloween ideas, right?

In the meantime.. if you are looking for more fun stuff to do, this Halloween, here are our favourite TOP Halloween Crafts for all time:

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hocus pocus crafts
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