Easy Halloween Ornaments to make as Fall Decor!

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We LOVE Halloween and we LOVE all Halloween decorations! One thing that we have started doing is decorating a Halloween Tree, with some super cute and easy DIY Halloween Ornaments. The great thing about these Halloween Ornament crafts, is that they don’t just look cute in Halloween Tree.. but you can also use them incorporated as garlands or even as part of Halloween wreaths! The Halloween lover will love this collection as a fall decor theme, don’t you think?

A collection of Halloween Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments have now crept into the world of Halloween. I think people love to decorate for the different seasons and with Halloween being so big these days, it doesn’t feel that surprising to see classic Christmas ornaments now being adapted to the Halloween holiday season. Over the years we have made many Halloween crafts, that are perfectly suitable to hang in a spooky Halloween tree, so I thought I would share these with you here too! We haven’t quite gone down the glass ornaments route yet.. but I think you will agree that the DIYs shared today, work really well as Halloween Baubles as is.

So. Let’s take a look..

Paper Halloween Tree Ornaments

We have many fantastic paper Halloween crafts for you to browse, here are the best paper crafts that suitable as Halloween Tree Ornaments too!

how to make a paper hat

3d Paper Witches Hat

Witches Hat – this was a fun one to come up with – use triangles, instead of circles to make a lovely 3d paper ornament for Halloween. So cute. I could see these working really well as a witches hat garland too!

3d Paper Spider

Paper Spiders – these are a long term favourite of mine! Mainly because I (!) think they are so cute. I mean, this really isn’t a creepy crawly spider decoration at all, is it? Obviouls great as a Halloween Ornament.. but they also look great combined with large paper spider webs to decorate your wall! Check out the video tutorial on auto play for more info on these too!

halloween black cat ornament
A Halloween Black Cat is perfect!

3d Halloween Cat Ornament

Similary, we have this cute Halloween cat ornament – also made from paper. Black cats really are such a big part of Halloween. So, I think these are a must! It uses the same principles as the paper spider, but obviously with cat features and embellishments. This was created especially for our Sky Kids Halloween Series!

easy paper towel ghost
Concept of funny Halloween party, different Halloween party

Cute Kitchen Towel Paper Ghosts

There are two ways to make these adorable ghosts! One hiding some candy treats, the other as a pure ghost ornament. Find out more about this super duper EASY and frugal craft today – Paper Towel Ghosts.

Yarn & Pom Pom Halloween Decorations

Lets make some fun things with YARN!

jack o Lantern garland
A tribute to the pumpkin patch, let’s make these cute Jack O’Lanterns

Yarn wrapped pumpkins

These little yarn wrapped pumpkins are great for little kiddos – preschoolers and toddlers will love to make these! Then add little paper Jack O’Lantern Faces and you have a cute pumpkin Halloween ornament! So cute for trick or treating displays. We have also used them as simple garlands! So easy!

cute pumpkin

Amigurumi Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Crochet Mini Pumpkin – how cute is this little Amigurumi Pumpkin? So cute and quick to make. I would most definitely want these to hang from my Halloween tree. As they are easy to make, they could also be a trick or treater gift to give instead of candy! We actually popped this one in our Halloween Surprise Ball for our Halloween party!

pom pom spider
No horror with this cutie spider!

Pom Pom Spiders

Look.. spiders really are CUTE! How can you not LOVE this pom pom spider cutie? All you need is some pipecleaners, yarn and googly eyes. I love the simplicity of the black body and orange legs. But you can easily reverse the colours to an orange body and black legs. Or get creative with the colours of yarn and pipecleaners you have access to. There are no rules, just lots of creative fun! These are great as mini Halloween baubles, don’t you think?

Go with Halloween colours such as orange and purple yarns for the bat bodies.

Pom Pom Bats

Similarly, how fun are these pom pom bats? I love how they somehow all have their own personality and yet they were made the same way. I do think pom poms make great Halloween baubles. So really love these pom pom bats and spiders for our Halloween tree!

Other Halloween Tree Ideas

finished halloween popsicle stick ornament

Pentagram Star Witch Craft

How about these adorable Craft Stick Star Witches?! Learn how to make the basic popsicle stick stars and then turn them into these adorable little star witch decorations! Perfect for the Halloween Tree or as a garland. Too cute!

So, that is it from me for now. I wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween!

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