Salt Dough Santa Star Ornaments


We love Salt Dough Crafts. If you have made Salt Dough before.. do make it again. As every time you “get the salt dough out” there is something new you can make!

Today we turned the classic Salt Dough Recipe into fabulously cute and easy Salt Dough Santa Star Ornaments. How we love keepsake ornament crafts for kids.

Easy Salt Dough Recipe for Santa Star Ornament Making
Santa Stars are so cute and easy!

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Salt Dough Santa Star Ornaments – materials

  • Homemade Salt Dough 
  • Felt tip pens (yes!! No paint – woohoo)
  • Ribbon or thread or yarn for hanging
  • Star shaped cookie cutters
  • A chopstick or similar to make your holes
  • Black, red and pink pens for decorating

How to make Salt Dough for your Salt Dough Stars to deocorate

For salt dough you only need flour, salt and water. We have a great step by step Homemade Salt Dough post for you to check out here.

Easy Salt Dough Stars:

salt dough recipe

1) Mix your ingredients. Be sure to add the water gradually. I often only use 1/2 – 3/4 of a cup of water. You do not want your dough to be sticky.

2) Roll out to about 5mm.

valentine's saltdough
Use cookie cutters to cut your salt dough shapes – in this case we made stars!

3) Use cookie cutters to cut your shapes. Use a skewer or chopstick to make holes for hanging.

4) Bake in the oven at 100C for 3-4 hours. Do turn your salt dough items 2-3 times AND re-insert you skewer to make sure that the holes do not bake shut.

5) Once fully dry, they are ready to be decorated as Santas!

Easy Salt Dough Recipe for Santa Ornament Making
It is easy to turn a star into a Santa Ornament

To draw the Santa:

Start of with a black pen.

Start off with a nose and the white beard, then add eyes and a mouth.
Add the white fluffy bit of the hat and a pom pom.

Add a little pink cheeks.

Next colour in four corners in black to make the “Boots” and “Gloves”.

Finally colour in the rest of the salt dough star red!


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