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We have made many a Santa Star here on Red Ted Art before! When my kids were eany weany toddlers many moons ago, it was one of our first Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers (details below). It is such a cute and fun craft, that we have revisited Santa Stars in different ways since. Today, we are making them again as Popsicle Stick Star Santas! The perfect little Santa Star Ornament to make and keep! This is part of a set of Christmas Popsicle Stars we have made this holiday season!

Easy Santa Star Ornament Craft

Popsicle stick santa star

I do love an adorable Santa Craft! And as we have been having fun with recycling our popsicle sticks this Christmas, I thought a Popsicle Stick Santa Star would be just the thing to make. They make great ornaments and keepsakes or DIY gift to family. The red is a gorgeous contrast when you hang these as ornaments in your Christmas Tree! And you will find that the paper Santa face added is made from BASIC and EASY to cut shapes!

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More Popsicle Stick Star Ornaments

Those eagle eyed amongst you will notice that we have a few popsicle stick star ornaments here this “season” already:

I have popped a worksheet printable (ad free!!) in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store for a small fee. It includes an overview of the Santa Star, Nativity Star and Witch Ornaments too! Your purchase helps support the upkeep of this blog. THANK YOU!

worksheet printables

Supplies needed for the Popsicle Stick Santa Stars:

As always, the craft supplies needed for this craft are pretty simple – per Santa Ornament you will needed:

  • 5 Popsicle Sticks (we have been recycling all our ice lolly sticks from summer)
  • Red Paint or red marker pen (if using pens, coloring your craft sticks first)
  • Paper scraps in white, red, skin tone of choice and optional black for additional embellishments (if you want you could at a pom-pom to the Santa hat or pull apart some cotton balls.. but it is just as cute with paper!)
  • Both white/ pva glue and a glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Baker’s twine or ribbon for hanging

Now lets see how to make this easy Santa craft! I hope you will agree this is one our best ideas for Christmas yet!

How to make a Santa Star Ornament using Craft Sticks

Make your popsicle stick star

So as mentioned we are making a pentagram, the five pointed stars! We are back to our Christmas Popsicle Stick Star and will use this as a basis for Santa Star Craft!

You can watch the basic Popsicle Star Video tutorial on auto play or follow the step by step instructions!

We found it useful to have a ready made one laid out to “copy”. If you haven’t made one already (why would you! Ha!). You can lay one out so you and the kids have one to “follow”. It just makes it a little easier!

NOTE: (see below) if you are using red felt tip pens to color your star, do this first! If you are painting them, you can do this later!

Start by laying one craft stick down in a way that creates the “top point”. Add a blob of regular craft glue to the top of this craft stick and add a second stick pointing down. To make the beginning of a capital A shape! Now add a blob of glue to the bottom of the second craft stick.

Lay a third popsicle stick on to that glue and make it point back up towards the top left hand side. Add another bit of glue to the top of the third craft stick. Now add the fourth craft stick to go horizontally across.

For the last fifth craft, you will need to add to bits of glue – one to the fourth and one to the first craft sticks. Place your final craft stick in place. As you have used PVA glue, your star is not yet “secure. We like to give it a bit of a wiggle to make sure we are happy with the final shape.

Note: the 5th and the 1st popsicle stick sometimes “lift” off each other whilst drying. So you may want to add a little more glue later and maybe way it down. Or secure it with hot glue if you need to!

Decorate your Craft Stick Star to make it into a Santa Star Ornament!

Now it is time to turn your star decoration into a little Santa Star! To begin with, paint your Popsicle Stick Star Red! Once your craft stick stars have been painted red and fully dried, you will need to cut out your basic Santa features from paper. You will need:

santa star features

The Santa’s Hat:

  • Trace the tip of your craft stick star to get your Santa Hat shape right. You can be generous and make your hat a little bigger
  • A small circle for the santa hat bobble
  • Cut a rounded rectangle for the santa hat brim

The Santa’s Face:

  • Cut a circle in Santa skin tone colour of choice
  • Cut a rectangle (this will be a curly beard soon – you will see how easy peasy it is!)
  • Cut two tear shaped moustache halves
  • Use a hole punch for some rosy cheeks

Making Santa’s Beard

Cut strips into your rectangle – but don’t cut all the way. This makes it less fiddly to assemble in the next step.

Using scissors, carefully curl each strip to make a curly Santa’s beard!

Assembling Santa’s Head

assembly santa's hat

Stick the hat parts together (see image), and similarly glue the fanta’ face parts together (see image).

final santa' details

Glue Santa’s head under Santa’s hat and add two eyes with a black pen. Googly eyes could look super fun too! But I like the simplicity and eco friendliness of making these popsicle stick Santa ornaments biodegradable!

glue the santa to the star

Add glue to one side of one of the points. And glue the head on.

santa stars

Technically you Santa Star is finished (well after you have glued some string to the back).. but I decided to add a Santa’s belt.

Santas belt

Santa’s belt is easy peasy too! Cut a thin black rectangle. And then cut off the end to make an additional black square.

Then cut a large yellow square.

Glue the yellow square to the centre of the belt and the small black square on top! Done.

finished popsicle stick santa star

Trim the belt on both sides to fit your popsicle stick Santa Star and glue in place! Ta-daaaaa.

your craft stick santa

Your craft stick Santa ornament is finished! How cute?!

Craft stick star ornaments

Don’t all our Craft Stick Star ornaments look adorable together? I love how cute our Santa Ornament looks with it’s little Baby Jesus buddy!

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Hope you have a go at our easy craft this December! Do tag me Instagram if you make our designs!

popscicle stick Christmas ornaments