Simple and Easy Shamrock Crafts for Kids


St Patrick’s Day is heading our way, an though we have a lovey set of general St Patrick’s Day Crafts for kids already, I wanted to dedicate this collection to Easy Shamrock Crafts for Kids! These are crafts for kids of all ages, from preschoolers, though elementary and older kids too!

Easy Shamrock Crafts Kids

First a little about St Patrick’s Day and the famous Shamrock symbol and then onto our fabulous crafts for kids!

Are Shamrocks and Four Leaf Clovers the same?

From a crafting and St Patrick’s Day decor point of view – The answer, in short, is NO! A Shamrock has 3 petals, whilst a four leaf clover has, well four! So if you want to craft “authentically” for St Patrick’s Day, then your Shamrocks really should only have 3 petals. However, if you see a craft that you love and it has four… you can still make it. Just adjust the shamrock template! Most shamrocks can be created by combining 3 hearts and a stem, so the shape really isn’t too hard to make!

From a botanical point of view.. it’s a maybe. In Ireland 3 leaf clovers, wood sorrels, and medicks grow abundantly and a Shamrock could be any of those three. But it isn’t clear where it has its roots (no pun intended).

So for the purpose of St Patrick’s Day Crafting.. aim for 3 heart shaped leaves and a stem!

Why are Shamrocks considered Lucky?

So, is it really a Lucky Shamrock or just a Shamrock? There are lots of theories as to why Shamrocks are such a big part of St Patrick’s Day. As mentioned Shamrocks (ie clovers, wood sorrels or medicks) grow wildly across the Ireland. Many say, it was use to symbolise the Holy Trinity… others say it would help ward off evil spirits and give magical protection. Whatever you believe in, it is generally consider a lucky charm!

When is St Patrick’s Day?

St Patrick’s Day is always on the 17th March!

Right.. now we have those basic questions out the way, it is time to grab your craft supplies, you will need your basics such as paper, a pair of scissors and glue stick.. and of we go! Let’s get your creativity flowing and make a fun craft or two!

Shamrock Crafts for Preschoolers

Lets start of with some preschool shamrock crafts. As mentioned, it is only “loosely” grouped into age groups and I do feel that many of these are suited for kids all ages. Especially if working in a classroom setting, where kids need to work more independently. Let’s take a look at our shamrock activities!

Yarn Wrapped Shamrock

One of our Red Ted Art favourites for this holiday season – Yarn Wrapped Shamrocks (with template) – especially lovely for preschoolers, but kids of all ages can enjoy this fabulous make!

st patrick's day tambourine

So this paper plate shamrock craft – is actually a St Patrick’s Day Tambourine!! So you can either make it as a fun musical instrument craft for the holiday season OR.. if you love the look, they also would make great wall decorations or even suncatchers. But do check out the cute tambourine craft too.

easy shamrock art

Our craft ideas for Saint Patrick’s Day continue. Active Littles has some fab shiloutte art that toddlers and Kindergarten kids would love!

shamrock cards

We love lacing cards for all occasions. Such a fantastic fine motor skill for younger children and a great way to introduce sewing! Carrots are Orange have a great project her for you.

easy paper shamrock puppet

Want a little Shamrock Man Craft? The Resourceful Mama‘s paper Shamrock Puppet is always popular. All you need is white and green construction paper. Though you could have fun making the puppet with pipe cleaner arms and legs too!

saltdough shamrock charms

You know how we love Salt Dough! So fun and easy to make and use. Time for a salt dough craft project. And here are some cute Shamrock Saltdough Charms by Rainy Day Mum. If working with preschoolers and younger kiddos, you will need a shamrock cookie cutter. Older kids can shape 3 hearts themselves and bring them together to make the salt dough shamrock charms!

paper puppet shamrocks

I love this cute little Shamrock Rhyme and craft BUT if you choose to make this, please do consider using green construction paper or green card.. don’t use craft foam it is so very un-eco friendly and not necessary at all to make this cute craft and rhyme session! Visit Rainy Day Mum for info (but not the foam.. ha).

handprint poem

Rhythms of play has a lovely handprint shamrock + poem template! So sweet! If you pop over, she also has a fantastic rainbow shamrock paper craft using the salt painting technique! You could probably also recreate similar as a shamrock thumbprint craft!

marshmallow shamrock craft

If you love print making, try out the Pinterested Parent’s marshmallow shamrock craft. Who doesn’t love a bit of stamping. Oh my. What fun!

shamrock craft

Or why not do a shamrock salt painting? This looks so fun!

paper mosaic shamrock

Another cute decor to make with kids of all ages, are these diy st patrick’s day craft mosaic shamrocks! A simple shamrock collage or little clover collage to try. They are are great way touse up some odds and ends from the craft boxs – you could even add the odd pom poms or tissue paper scrunchies, to give them texture and depth. Then string them up to make a Shamrock Garland (either hole punch some holes to thread through the shamrocks or staple together). Visit Happiness Homemade for more!

contact paper sham-rocks

Another fun activity for preschoolers on St Patrick’s Day is a Shamrock Suncatcher – or often also called a contact paper shamrock. Contact paper is a great way to get little kids making pretty window shamrocks. There are number out there for you to browse and have a go at.. for example this one by Hands On As we Grow. The kids stuck first and then the mom cut out the shamrocks. Alternatively… you can:

contact paper

.. grab a Shamrock template first.. and fill it contact paper and tissue paper to make your cute Shamrock Suncatcher as per Director Jewels. Or visit Simply Today Life for a 3 leaf shamrock version!

DIY Paper Shamrock Decorations & Crafts

Fun Shamrock Bookmarks

paper quilled shamrock

Gorgeous paper quilled shamrock – this uses an empty toilet paper roll as a shamrock outline and we created it as a fabulous St Patrick’s Day Craft. However, I think they would also make lovely shamrock decorations.

accordion fold shamrocks

Accordion fold Paper Shamrock Decorations – we love this paper folding technique as it is so pretty and really catches the light in fun ways. You need to make 3 heart shape pieces to stick together with a dab of glue and stem. Easy! Make a set of these paper shamrocks and string them up as a garland.

3d Paper Shamrocks made from green hearts. These would make lovely wall decor, or could be added to the font of a greeting card!

spin art shamrocks

About a Mom shares some lovely Spin Art Shamrocks. I think these would look really lovely as shamrock garland, don’t you think? Just attach them to some string, yarn or bakers twine with staple or some tape and you are done.

shamrock wreath

Looking for more Shamrock decorations? Try this upcycled puzzle shamrock wreath from Soccer Mom Blog. I love the upcycled puzzles (use tempera paint for more eco friendliness) and then grab some markers or crayons to make your rainbow lucky banner!

pom pom garland

Design Improvised has a lovely shamrock and pom pom garland! We DO love pom poms – did you know they are easily made using just your fingers or using the pom pom cardboard disc method? Lots of fun!

paper shamrocks

The Chicken Scratch NY has these fab paper shamrocks, though she ues green paper / green card to make these, I think they would work as a toilet paper roll shamrock craft too, don’t you think? Such a simple way to decorate for St Patrick’s Day!

I hope you enjoyed these fun projects! Do take a moment to pin these to Pinterest, so you find them again at your leisure!

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