Summer Straw Shooter Craft

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Welcome back to another Red Ted Art Summer Craft for you. Today we have some fabulous little Boredom Busters – make your own Straw Shooter Craft – easy and quick to make and hours of fun for the kids. Sometimes known as Straw Blowers, or Rocket Blowers, these come in all sorts of designs. We have actually made a Bee Shooter Craft like the one today before, but it was so cute and fun we wanted to have another go. And THIS time, we collaborated with the wonderful YouTuber Doodles by Sarah, who shares an easy to follow Drawing Tutorial. So the kids can practice their drawing skills AND make this fabulous Paper Toy too. If the kids are looking for things to do when bored – simple indoor activities (or outdoor for that matter), then hopefully these Straw Shooters are just the thing for you. You can of course turn them into any designs from Rocket Straw Shooters, to Halloween Shooter Toys. Either way, they are easy and quick paper toys to make. Which you can enjoy as an indoor activity when bored, or outdoors (in fact, we first made them with friends whilst at a picnic!). Hooray for Easy Summer Games.

Summer Straw Shooter Craft - these DIY Straw Shooter toys are so QUICK and easy to make. They are the perfect little Summer Craft for Boredom Busters. Only takes 5 minutes to make. Can be decorated in any way you want and you can have HOURS of fun with them. we first made these when out and about at a picnic. That is how very easy they are to make!! Enjoy these lovely bee crafts for summer!
First shared in May 2017

Straw Shooter Toys Craft – Materials

  • Straws.. any – big, small, plastic or paper straws
  • Scrap paper – for doodling and for creating your “shooter top”
  • Sticky tape
  • Pens & Scissors

How to make straw and paper shooters

You will see how very quick and easy it is to make this Straw Shooter Craft. As mentioned before, we love making these at picnics, as well as youth groups as the kids can have lots of fun making AND playing with them afterwards. Watch the video to see how cute and easy these shooters toys really are to make.


NOTE for TROUBLE SHOOTING – if your shooter isn’t “flying off” your straw. Just give it a pinch and a wiggle “to make it fit the straw” a little better and try again!

How to draw a Bee & Butterfly – Doodling with Sarah

As mentioned, I teamed up with Doodles by Sarah to bring you today’s craft. Of course you can make ANY design you wish – from your own imagination, from a favourite book or check out the rest of Sarah’s YouTube channel for lots of doodling inspiration. In the meantime, she shows you here how to draw these oh so cute bees and butterflies.

Now let’s make them fly!!! So much fun.

We do really love love love these simple shooter toys. As they are so quick and easy to make. They are great little boredom busters and fun to play with. And we have made these Straw Shooter Toys with a number of age groups at our local Woodcraft Folk group. The kids all LOVED them.

Happy Summer Crafting!!

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