Suncatcher Pumpkin Template Preschool

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We recently shared some ridiculously cute Pumpkin Crafts for Preschool and realised that we totally missed out Suncatcher Pumpkins to make with preschoolers. We have in fact, made many before – but can you believe it, I can’t find the photos!! Crikey. But I wanted to share these Suncatcher Pumpkin Templates that we already had…

suncatcher pumpkin templates

The best bit about our templates? There two sets of three to choose from! One set that you can use “simply” as pumpkins throughout Fall and Thanksgiving… and another set you can use for Halloween and create your very own Jack O’Lantern Suncatchers.

So you have the resources for a bit of a two for one craft here today!

Making suncatchers is super easy! Those of you familiar with Red Ted Art, will have seen our popular suncatcher crafts already, which include:

apple crafts for preschool
Coffee Filter Suncatchers are great for the environment!

Apple Suncatchers for Fall

suncatcher poppy preschool
Contact Paper Suncatchers & Tissue Paper are great for fine motor skills and scissor skills practice

Our most popular Poppy Suncatcher Templates (these could also be used as any flower designs for spring and summer too).

Easter Sun catchers

Our super simple Easter Egg Suncatcher Templates

Star of David suncatcher

And our Paper Plate Star of David Suncatcher Template!

The process for all the suncatcher crafts really is more or less the same. All you need to do is switch out your seasonal templates. And today’s template is for Fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween!

Supplies needed to make Suncatcher Pumpkins:

  • Black construction paper
  • Pencil and scissors (to trace and cut your pumpkin templates)
  • Contact paper
  • Tissue paper in orange, yellow, or reds (though I do love this purple and blue color schemed too)

ALTERNATIVELY… you can use:

  • Orange construction paper
  • Coffee filters (you may need more than one per pumpkin, depending on the size of your coffee filters)
  • Water based pens
  • A water spray bottle
  • Scissors and glue

To be fair, I think the coffee filter suncatcher pumpkins, are probably more eco friendly? And if you are working in a classroom, these could work out cheaper too!

Having said that, cutting or ripping your tissue paper into squares and smaller pieces is a great finger strengthing and cutting skills exercise! So think about your classroom outcome targets and use the variation based on that!

The templates are FREE – simply enter $0 at check out or if you fancy, you can always making a small donation too.

How to make Suncatcher Pumpkins

suncatcher pumpkin preschool

Suncatcher Prep

Cut your pumpkin outlines out of the black paper. Keep cut offs of the black paper – as you can try and make a smaller “free hand” pumpkin suncatcher from it, as well as cut out some Jack O’Lantern faces.

Using masking tape, tape down your contact paper – sticky side facing up. Make it as small or large as you like! eg one per child or a large sheet for everyone to work on!

Get the children to tear or cut the the tissue paper – smaller squares are good. We liked adding a little bit of orange tissue paper and yellow and red tissue paper to our pumpkin suncatchers. But single colours would look lovely too. Especially if you layer them a little to get darker sections.

You can also use a little brown or green tissue paper for the pumpkin stem! But it isn’t strictly speaking necessary!

Halloween Suncatcher templates

Start the pumpkin craft

Place the pumpkin outlines on your contact paper.

If making a Halloween Jack O’Lantern Suncatcher: also add your Jack O’Lantern face. You can use either Jack O’Lantern shapes provides or cut your own. Be sure to add the face BEFORE you add the tissue paper!

Start sticking our poppy suncatcher together.

OPTIONAL: if you want you can add a layer of glue on top of your tissue paper once you have finished putting it all on – but tissue paper like yellow can go transparent if you do. But it keeps a bit better long term. We did it on one and it looks nice!

Cut our your DIY Pumpkin Suncatchers – either leave a small rim of contact paper (so it can stick directly to a window) or cut out exactly and secure your lovely Poppy Craft with bluetak or similar!

FINISHED!!! Hope you enjoyed our simple suncatcher pumpkin instructions and more importantly – our pumpkin templates!!!

Please do share your finished makes with us!

And done! Enjoy!

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