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Here is probably one of my quickest TP Roll Crafts yet (well, this one and our TP Roll Doodle Owl) – both make the most of the toilet paper roll’s natural colour – so there is no painting or decorating required first. Just a snip and glue and a little pen and done: you have a TP Roll Bunny! The perfect little Easter Preschool Craft for you.

Quick TP Roll Bunny Craft
These TP Roll Bunnies were first shared in March 2014

The best thing abou these TP Roll Bunnies, is that you can fill them with Easter treats and scatter them around the garden and house (we have many more Easy DIY Treat Box Ideas here). Nevermind an Easter Egg hunt, let’s have an Easter BUNNY HUNT! As they are so easy to make, it won’t take you long to have a whole family of them. You could use them at home or as class mate’s Easter Gifts.  The fact that you stuff the bottom with a bit of recycled tissue paper (not the snotty version mind you), means you don’t have any fiddly cutting or measuring to do. A lovely little Preschooler Easter Craft!

Cut, Glue, Draw, Stuff. Done.

I think I have waffled on for longer than it takes to make! And look what my readers sent in.. SO CUTE!

Watch the video (even quicker!!)

TP Roll Easter Bunny Materials – per bunny:

  • One TP Roll
  • Scissors
  • Pens
  • Glue
  • Tissue paper scraps
  • Choc eggs for filling (optional)

TP Roll Easter Bunny How To:

1) Cut a strop off your TP Roll. Flatten it and cut into two pieces – these will be your ears. Trim to shape.

2) Flatten one end of your TP Roll. Trim a little off the sides to shape head a little. Insert your shaped ears and glue in place. If you are REALLY in a hurry you could staple these or use a hot glue gun. But ordinary glue work just fine.

3) Draw on your features/ colour the ears.

4) Scrunch up some upcycled tissue paper (you know from gifts or when clothes get wrapped in tissue paper at the store) and glue on the back as a tail.

Your TP Roll Bunny is now FINISHED.

Either play with it…. or fill it with treats, stuff a bit of tissue paper ontop to keep them in place and all done.

I can’t wait to have an Easter Bunny hunt with these around the house. What a giggle.

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Hope you liked our TP Roll Bunnies! SO easy and cute!

The TP Roll Bunny video is also available on YouTube!