5 Ways to Celebreate King Charles III’s Birthday with kids

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If you are big fan of the British Monarchy, you will know that it King Charles III is celebrating is birthday this June! Today I share some ideas of how to celebrate King Charles III birthday! Today we share 5 fantastic way to celebrate the King’s Birthday. From Watching the Trooping of Colour to learning about the King with our free quiz questions.. here is your simple guide to getting involved.

How to Celebrate King Charles III's Birthday with Kids in the Classroom

When is King Charles III’s Birthday?

Did you know that Britisch Monarchs have TWO birthdays? Yes, two, the lucky so and sos.. one is their actual birthday and one is the official birthday! This is a tradition that dates back to George II in 1748 who had a winter birthday.. which is harder to celebrate outdoors with the public. So a summer birthday was introduced!

Actual Birthday

King Charles III’s actual birthday is on 14 November 1948.

Official or Public Birthday

This year the official birthday is on the third weekend of June, so Saturday 15th June 2024. It will be celebrated by procession known as Trooping the Colour.

Things to do to celebrate King Charles III’s Birthday

Here are 5 things to do for King Charle’s Birthday

  1. Watch the Trooping the Colour – either “in person” in London or on the TV. The whole point about the summer birthday, is so we can celebrate the King’s birthday with the Trooping the Colour. So be sure to catch it live on TV!
  2. Make some King Charles III themed Crafts (see below) – we have some fun facts about the King to learn with a couple of our printable crafts! As these are (currently) free printables, they really are a no brainer addition to any lesson plan about King Charles III.
  3. Host a quintessential Afternoon Tea Patry (see below) – food of course is key and we have some yummy recipes and recommendations for you to have a go at.
  4. Donate to the food bank – King Charles III announced his own personal project announcing to help people facing food poverty – this is known as the Coronation Food Project. So why not do the same and visit your local food bank to make a donation?
  5. King Charles III is very keen on the environment.. so have a think about what other environmentally friendly things you can do (see below for specific links) – but this could include litter picking, growing your own plants, donating to charity etc

Make some King Charles III inspired crafts

As always we have a couple of func rafts to get you excited too!

King's Coronation Fortune Teller

First up we have our British Fortune Tellers/ Royal Fortune Tells – these are blank fortune tellers that you can fill with fun facts from our King Charles III quiz sheet! A simple project, with lots of educational learning opportunities about King Charles III.

royal crown jubilee

How about making a ROYAL CROWN? Isn’t this a stunning paper craft? This would be a fabulous “party hat” to make for any royal birthday celebrations!

Have a quintessential afternoon tea

As we know, most birthday parties are about FOOD!!!! So you have a few party food options:

  • Have an classic afternoon tea – complete with cucumber sandwiches and scones
  • Keep it simple and ONLY make some scones – this is known as a Cream Tea
  • Make a classic Victoria Sponge cake – we love using the “same weight” method – weigh the eggs, then use the same weight for self raising flour, butter and sugar..
  • Make union jack cookies (the kids will love this “food art” activity)
  • Have other classic british party foods – cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, samosas, scotch eggs
picnic ideas

Here is our easy Scone Recipe! Scones are super fun and easy to make and taste so good! However, be warned, there is a HUGE debate here in the UK about – how do you pronounce scones.. and whether you put cream on first and then jam.. or jam first and then cream. And make sure it is strawberry jame.. raspberry at push. But NO OTHER jam is ok!

how to cookie paint

Cookie Painting is super fun and surprisingly easy. You can use a homemade cookie of choice or prep some store bought biscuist to decorate instead! What is it about pretty cookies tasting so much better?!

Get Planting With the Kids

Though June may seem a little late to start sowing seeds, there are still plenty of things you can give a go – check out the full list over here. But kids will enjoy:

  • Runner beans
  • Peas
  • Beetroot
  • Radishes
  • Salads/ lettuces

Bonus points, if you use your own plant pots made from recycled materials:

newspaper plant pot diy

Newspaper Seedling Pots are fun and easy to make!

Upcycled garden ideas - recycled

Check out 5 more fun ways to recycle and get things growing in your garden!

I hope you feel inspired to give some of these ideas a go! As mentioned, we have celebrated King Charles before.. we have a fantastic set of Coronation Crafts and Activities for further inspiration:

Coronation Party Ideas 2023