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Hello, thank you so much for visiting Red Ted Art and stopping by here to learn a little bit more about my blog and me!

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My Family & Me

So who am I and why Red Ted Art? I am Maggy Woodley.

I am half Austrian, half Spanish, living in the Uk – married to “The Englishman”. I like to think of myself as an “European”.  I love all this crafty and I love all things arty. I love exploring and trying out new things.

maggy woodley

Red Ted 4months old

I have one son – known as Red Ted. Red Ted is a very lucky boy, as he has a brand named after him. I am very lucky mum, as I have Red Ted (needles to say I am biased). Red Ted loves making things from “junk” and drawing. I also have a little girl: Pip Squeak. Pip Squeak adores painting and getting messy and she is just like her mum…

Maggy Woodley Red Ted Art

Pip Squeak

I like making my friends’ birthday cards (when I remember!).

In spring I grow tomatoes and other veg (with varying degrees of success). In autumn I make green tomatoe chutney. And I like baking Austrian cookies at Christmas. We have two cuddly little cats (come to think of it, they look a bit like little teddy bears..). The children play with the cats’ toys and the cats play with children’s toys. I guess that is just how things are.


The Englishman: My very supportive and long suffering paint splashed husband

Red Ted: My oldest son, inspired the blog name

Pip Squeak: My very determined and crafty little Miss

Me: Maggy Woodley

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(Check out my kids craft book available at good bookstores and Amazon)

Every week I share with you at least one new:

The kids crafts are made by my children and me. The “How To’s” are brought to you by a series of specialist guest posters or myself.
My aim for the blog is:
  • Inspire you to have a go and Get Crafty
  • Inspire you to try out something new
  • Help you you explore Great Artists with kids
  • Give me and my children a creative outlet for all our activities

We particularly enjoy seasonal crafts, so the crafts will often reflect the time of year. In addition bring you craft “round ups” of my favourite crafts about a certain topic.  There are Christmas Crafts Round Ups, and Halloween Crafts Round Ups, Spring Crafts Round ups and Easter Crafts Round Ups etc.

There are already 100s of crafts for you to browse, with new ones coming in each week. Here are my most visited posts to get you started. Or check out the Kids Crafts tab or the How To tab for more.
Popular Kids Crafts include (click on the image):
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The majority of kids crafts are inexpensive or made from recycled materials.
Favourite Tutorials include (click on the image):
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How to’s are broad and varied, covering a range of skills and abilities – many for the novice to give a go!
As well as the hugely popular – an Art resource to help you introduce, explore and “do” the Great Artists to your kids :

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