12 3d Zodiac Animal Coloring Pages

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Our printable fun continues. The 3d Animal Coloring Pages (as well as the Insect Coloring Pages) where so popular last summer.. that I KNEW we needed to create a set of 12 Zodiac Animal Coloring Pages in 3d too!! So yes. Here we are.. check them all out today. They are soooooo fun!

There are different ways you can use these Zodiac Printables – either focus on the “Year of…” whatever animal is the current one. Or let your students choose any of the 12 OR get your students to make the animal from the year they were born in!

When is Chinese New Year 2024?

Chinese New Year 2024 is on Saturday 10th February 2024 and it is the Year of the Dragon. Dragon lucky colours are silver, gold and light gray.

So. Onto our fabulous set of printables!

Below is more info on key dates for the different zodiac animals.

This 3d Zodiac Animal Coloring Page set, includes:

  1. A monkey
  2. A snake
  3. An ox
  4. A dog
  5. A goat
  6. A horse
  7. A rooster
  8. A rabbit
  9. A pig
  10. A dragon
  11. A rat
  12. A tiger
  13. Printable instructions page

Below you find the full set of 12 Zodiac Animals, a Chinese New Year freebie (the Tiger!), AND a special “bolt on” discounted product for those of you who have purchased the complete Farmyard Set before!

What are the Zodiac Animal Year Groups?

The Zodiac Animals rotate through on a 12yrs basis. So you can usually work out when the next one of your birth is (ie when you are 12, 24, 36 etc).

  • 1. Year of the Rat Crafts (2008 – 2020 – 2032)
  • 2. Year of the Ox – 2009 – 2021 – 2033
  • 3. Year of the Tiger – 2010 – 2022 – 2032
  • 4. Year of the Rabbit – 2011 – 2023 – 2035
  • 5. Year of the Dragon – 2012 – 2024 – 2036
  • 6. Year of the Snake – 2013 – 2025 – 2037
  • 7. Year of the Horse – 2014 – 2026 – 2038
  • 8. Year of the Goat – 2003 – 2015 – 2027 – 2039
  • 9. Year of the Monkey – 2004 – 2016 – 2028
  • 10. Year of the Rooster – 2005 – 2017 – 2029
  • 11. Year of the Dog – 2006 – 2018 – 2030
  • 12. Year of the Pig – 2007 – 2019- 2031

Also.. remember, each Zodiac Animal has it’s very own LUCKY colors. So when you are coloring your paper crafts, you may wish to consider your animals lucky colors! But they aren’t necessary!

Supplies needed for this set of 3d Zodiac Animal Coloring Pages to make for Lunar New Year

printable tiger coloring page
  • printer paper & a printer
  • coloring penciles, pens, markers, watercolors – whatever takes your fancy
  • scissors
  • a glue stick

As with many of our crafts, I try and make them accessible for as wide an audience as possible. So today, you can have the adorable little 3d Tiger Coloring Page completely for free! Simply enter $0 at check out!

The complete set of 12 Zodiac Animal Coloring Pages is available for a small fee.

full set of printables

If you have purchased our previous Mega Bundle of 12 Farmyard Animals, you can buy a BOLT ON today – this includes a Dragon, a Tiger, a Monkey, a Rat and the Snake (though the full set is “better” as also has a modified cow/ ox) and the bolt on product also has a couple of extra backgrounds to print, mix and match with the farm set. REMEMBER: by joining my mailing list you will be alerted to seasonal freebies. Every so often, I make ALL these 3d animal free to Red Ted Art readers. So be sure to join the mailing list (in sidebar or footer of this page) today!

How to make your 3d Coloring Page Zodiac Animals

Watch the video instructions on auto play or full the simple photo step by step tutorial here:

watercoloring the background

Watercolor your background.

cut the background out

Let dry fully. Now cut out the background – a nice rectangular shape. This is a great opportunity for younger kids to practice their cutting skills and cutting straight lines.

tiger coloring in

Take some time coloring in your animal coloring pages.

cut out all your shapes

Cut out all your shapes.

glue the head into a loop

Add a little glue to the BACK and on ONE end only of the head. Now loop it backwards, as if making a loop/ petal shape and secure to the other end of the animal’s head. Remember, you want a little loop effect so you get that 3d animal look.

For the Rabbit, Horse and Ox, you can now color in the ears too.

Glue the animal’s body in position on your background sheet. Now add glue to the back of the top of the animals head and glue towards the top of the animal’s body.

finished 3d Tiger coloring page


make the tiger and dragon

Now make the super popular 3d Dragon Coloring Page too (available as an individual download)!! Or…

get the bundle

Enjoy the full set of 3d Zodiac Animal Coloring Pages today!!

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