An Eco-friendly Craft Box

Today, I welcome Becky from A Beautiful Space to celebrate the launch of her brand new KINDNESS Book. She shares her Eco-Friendly Craft Box idea… as you can imagine, something that is RIGHT up our street here on Red Ted Art!

Create Your Own Kindess cover

This is an extract from Create Your Own Kindness by Becky Goddard-Hill, a kindness activity books for kids age 6-12 published this week by Harper Collins.

Create Your own Kindness contains 50 activities to encourage kids to be kind to themselves, to other people and to the whole world.

 In this extract Becky shares with us how we can help our kids reduce, reuse and recycle and extend their kindness towards planet Earth.


An Eco-friendly Craft Box

When you recycle something into your recycling bin the item gets broken down and re-made into something new. This is much better than it going to landfill.

But even recycling takes up energy, in transporting the object, breaking it and creating a new object. 

Reusing is better.

Reusing something is simply using something again, perhaps in a different way to its first use.

Reusing what you have is a brilliant way of being kind to the planet and everyone who lives upon it and once it becomes a habit you will do it without even really thinking. 


Create a homemade craft box.

A homemade eco-friendly craft box can be filled with all sorts of things that you might otherwise throw away (you just need a good imagination) 

Example of An Eco-friendly Craft Box
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

In it could go:

  • Ribbon
  • Wooden pegs – you may love these simple worry dolls
  • Small pieces of cut-up fabric – perfect practicing sewing and lavendar bag making
  • Wool – you can never have too much wool! Lots of great yarn projects here
  • Pasta shells
  • Garden String
  • Bubble wrap – great for print making – check out our bubble wrap clouds
  • Old magazines
  • Tin cans – a big favourite for Pen Pot Making
  • Cereal boxes
  • Egg boxes
  • Old birthday cards
  • Small squares of aluminium foil
  • An old shirt for painting
  • Objects of different shapes to draw round so maybe a jam jar lid and a coaster.
  • A couple of paper plates – SO many things you can make with paper plates
  • Some shaped biscuit cutters – do check out these cookie cutter crafts

And absolutely anything else you like. 

What are you going to make from your homemade craft box?

Photo by Sarra Marzguioui on Unsplash

You can create your own kindness by reusing items you already have to take pressure off the planet

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