Paper Plate Crafts

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Hooray for Paper Plates and fun Paper Plate Crafts for Kids… I love our inexpenisve and versatile paper plates are. And as a craft material relatively environmentally friendly too.

They make a great Preschool Craft with lots of wonderful topics and seasons to explore.

Over 25 Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

If you are a regular reader of Red Ted Art, you will have spotted some Paper Plate crafty explosion recently.. we have been making Paper Plate Spring Nests and have been doing some Paper Plate weaving, as well as making little Easter Baskets/ “handbags” (though these are ostentatiously for Easter, they actually work really well as a handbag party activity or as a favours basket at any other time of year).  

In fact, we have a whole section dedicated to Paper Plate Easter Crafts!! I think it is because we inherited a stash of paper plates and thought it was about time to create some paper plate crafts!

As per usual, I got together with some other crafty people and we created another Paper Plate video for you (scroll to the bottom of the post), discussing our favourite paper plate crafts and showing them all to you…. and then add links to full projects and other ideas too!

Paper Plate Crafts

Paper Plate Nests - Preschooler Crafts

A classic and super easy Paper Plate Spring Nests for kids. Love the little pom pom chicks. So cute!

Paper Plate Waving How To steps

This Paper Plate weaving activity, is mesmerising and gorgeous. Use yellow plates and brown wool to make beautiful sunflowers.

Paper Plates also make beautiful giant paper flowers to help decorate your home or classroom in spring

Paper plates make AMAZING 3d Paper Plate Masks. We have a fabulous base template, that you can then turn into all sorts of Paper Plate Maskes designs.. e.g. How CUTE are these 3D Paper Plate Pig Masks?  Perfect for any 3 Little Pigs school plays or for Year of the Pig celebrations. Simply adorable! Similarly check out the Dog Masks and Frankenstein Paper Plate Masks.

As you can see, we have had LOTS of fun over the years with Paper Plate Purses… lots of great ways to decorate them. You can use glue, tape or staplers.. find out more – e.g. make these Paper Plate Purse for Easter – aren’t they adorable? Or try the Frankenstein Paper Plate Purse, Jack O’Lantern Purse of the cute Rudolph Purse! All so fun!

3d paper plate angel toppers

Whilst briefly on the topic of Rudolph and Christmas.. Paper Plates also make great 3d Paper Plate Angels. So cute!

Paper plate tiger

Use our Paper Plate Tiger Design and either make more “rocking” paper plate crafts OR follow the Paper Plate purse instructions above and combine with this cute tiger design, for a lovely tiger purse that kids will love!

Paper Plates also make WONDERFUL Yarn Wrapped Wreaths combined with some super duper cute pom pom crafts. Here we have a Spring Wreath and a Winter Wreath for you to try out!

Another fabulous seasonal Paper Plate craft for Preschool – Paper Plate Tambourines (so cute!) love those golden coin shakers!

We have a set of wonderful under the sea themed ROCKING Paper Plate Crafts, this includes the Rocking Paper Plate Mermaids (with free mermaid template), the Rocking Submarine and the Rocking Paper Plate Boat!

Paper Plate Beard Mask for kids – how super fun is this? And much easier to mkae than it looks!

finished father's day paper plate medals to make

Cute Paper Plate Medals for Dad that Preschoolers will LOVE To make!

Or how about this super duper cute Paper Plate Unicorn Craft Idea? The perfect Unicorn Craft for Preschool and complete with templates!

Paper Plate Cloud Craft – Showering you with love!

Adorable Showering You With Love Paper Plate

Bee Mine Paper Plate

And of course this  simply fabulous Paper Plate Chick Weaving Craft!

Paper Plate Dream Catcher Craft for Kids

The kids adored making this paper plate dream catcher! Easy and looks fantastic.

Paper Plate Autumn Whirligigs!

And we also have an ADORABLE Paper Plate Christmas Tree Whirligig version too!

FABULOUS Paper Plate Dragon Whirlgigs for Chinese New Year (complete with printable dragons)

This Paper Plate Star Twirler would look great in Baby’s Room or make it as a Toddler New Year’s Eve Activity

Easy Love Bug Twirler for Preschoolers

Cutest Mermaid Paper Plate Twirler

paper plate planets

Or how about these wonderful Paper Plate Planets? So easy for kids of all ages to make.

Paper Plate flower

Aren’t these Paper Plate Daffodil clever? So sweet!

Paper Plate Crafts spider

Some basic STEAM fun with this Paper Plate CLIMBING Spider

Paper Plate rabbit

Make your own Paper Plate Mask Bunny!


Clever Diaoramas. Here is a fantastic Paper Plate Ocean craft


Learn how to make these quick and easy Paper Plate Biscuit Basket

Paper Plate flowers

Or how about wearing your paper plates? With this fun Paper Plate Flowers Hair piece

Easter Basket Paper Plates

More Easter Baskets/ “handbags”  (take away the Easter decorations and they work any time of year!

Paper Plate Crafts for kids - jelly fish

Love these quirky Fun Jelly Fish

Paper plate crafts

How easy is this Paper Plate Crown? Doesn’t it look great too!

Paper Plate Crafts for kids

And another cute Paper Plate Purse


Happy happy Paper Plate Sunshine Rainbows – love the curling paper rainbow. So cute!

Paper Plate Crafts

Must see and super cute Paper Plate Dinosaurs (with templates)


Practice Fine Motor Skills & Alphabey Game 

paper plate mailboxes

Super sweet and easy Paper Plate Mailboxes

paper plate birds

Paper Plate Birds


Paper Plate Fruit

15 Books about Aliens and Space

Adorable Pre Schooler Flying Saucer Craft

Super cute “woven” Paper Plate Bees – love the handprint wings. By Kids Crafts Room

create lovely salad plate spin art

Create some fabulous Spin Art

Hope this provides you with enough inspiration.. if not…..

… try these amazing OCEAN Paper Plate Crafts here for summer crafting!

Under the Sea Paper Plate Crafts for Kids - These Paper Plate Crafts for Preschoolers are the perfect Summer Craft. Dive deep into the Ocean and explore what is Under the Sea with these fabulous ideas! #Paperplates #paperplatecrafts #paperplate #preschool #preschoolers #summerpaperplates #ocean

Hope you liked these Paper Plate Crafts! Would love to hear in the comments what YOUR favourite paper plate crafts are!