Pencil Holder DIY Ideas


We love DIY School Supplies and Desk tidies. And one thing we love making over and over is a pencil holder DIY. We have made a number of different types of pencil holders in the past – some from juice cartons, others from TP Rolls, however have a particular favourite the Tin Can Pencil Holder (as you will see below).

Desk Tidues and Pencil Holder Crafts

Though we love ALL upcycled Pencil Holders, the tin can method really is so quick and easy and looks so effective. And tin cans just seem to be the right size for pens and pencils. So, though we want to share a variety of pen pots with you today, there is a slight bias towards the tin cans. I hope you will enjot them as much as we do!

First up, Easy Tin Can Pen Pots

First up we have a whole set of different Tin Can Pencil Holder DIYs….. some using paint, some using paper, some with printables and some that you can use for a fun game of tin can bowling too!!!

  • Halloween Tin Can Pencil Holder – these actually started out as a Tin Can Bowling game for Halloween, but ended up as our Pen Pots in our art trolly. LOVE them.
  • Minecraft Pen Pots – we created these using a free printable designed especially for you. Making these mine craft pen pots super quick and easy to make.
  • Gorgeous Pineapple Pen Pot and Melon Pen Pot – so kawaii. So cute. Smiggles inspired!
  • Adorable Kawaii Pencil Holder – these are super quick and easy to make and a great for SMIGGLES fans looking for an easy Smiggles DIY.
  • Simlarly we have an adorable little Snowman Tin Can
  • And if you liked the Snowman.. you will also ADORE the DIY Penguin Pencil Holder Craft!
  • Easy gift wrap tin can – I love this method, as it is indeed ridiculously easy and quick to make and because you are using gift wrap, you can chop and change your desk decor whenever it suits you. It really just needs relatively small strip of wrapping paper!
  • And finally, some Washi Tape Pen Pots  – we adore washi tape and this is a great Washi Tape DIY that looks oh so pretty!
  • Winter Desk Tidies

And now to the “non Tin Can” Pencil Holders:

And if you are not keen on upcycling tin cans as pen pots, take a look at these fabulous ideas.

Happy Pencil Holder DIY making! Hope you have fun with these!

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