Easy Axolotl Craft Pom Poms

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Calling all axolotl fans! Let’s explore our DIY Axolotl Crafts and make some super duper cuet and easy pom pom axolotls as Christmas Ornaments!

easy axolotl pom pom

These axolotl pom poms are part of our extensive Axolotl Craft collection.

Supplies needed for a pom pom axolotl:

  • Yarn in desired axolotl colours (pink or white is nice!)
  • contrastic pipe cleaners for the axolotl ferns (we used glitter pink)
  • a little felt for axolotl facial features
  • hot glue gun for assembly
  • cardboard, scissors and tin can to make your own pom pom maker

How to make a pom-pom axolotl craft

As axolotl crafts go, this one really is a super easy axolotl craft for kids of all ages! And as pom poms are so much fun to make at Christmas, I think they are the perfect Axolotl Christmas ornament to make too!

How to make a pom pom

There are MANY ways you can make pom poms.. one of my favourite is the cardboard pom pom maker technique.. I think it is because I have many fond childhood memories of this.. but the fork pom pom method is great too, as is the hand pom pom method. And of course, we do like using actual pom pom makers as well – especially when working with younger kids. It is totally your call!

Here we focus on the cardboard pom pom making technique! Which is also shown in the video tutorial on auto play!

Here are the step by step pom pom making instructions:

There are two parts to this tutorial – making your own cardboard disc (though you can use our templates). Followed by the actual pom pom making technique!

Make your cardboard pom pom making discs

  1. Using your glass or tin can as a template, trace out two circles.
  2. Use scissors to cut our two large circular disc to make your basic pom pom maker.
  3. Draw a smaller circle in the centre. The distance between the inner and outer circle will determine how big your pom pom will be. Make sure this smaller circle isn’t too big. If it is too big it will be harder tie off at the end. As a general rule of thumb, the radius of the centre hole should be 1/3 of the radius of the full circle. That works as good proportions for us.
  4. Cut slit from the outer circle to the smaller one and cut out the smaller one too.
  5. Cut a second slit -so you have an opening to your cardboard ring. This will make it MUCH easier to wrap your yarn pom pom around the cardboard pom pom make.
  6. Repeat for second disc.
  7. Put both cardboard discs together. This is your basic pom pom maker using cardboard circles!

It is time to make some DIY Pom Poms! Yay!

How to use cardboard to make a pom pom

Warp the yarn for the pom pom

Start wrapping your yarn. The THICKER you wrap you yarn the flufflier will be your pom pom. There is no exact science to how many strands of yarn you need. Just keep wrapping yarn around the card board and create as many loops as you can, until you feel you have enough yarn to make a nice dense pom pom. Cut the yarn and just let the end of the yarn dangle.

Cut the yarn between the cardboard discs

Once you are happy with the amount of yarn used to make your pom pom. Start cutting the yarn, by pushing your scissors between the two discs. Yes it can be fiddly and a good pair of scissors makes all the difference.

Make sure you short pieces of yarn do not “fall out” of the central hole.

Secure the yarn around the middle

Carefully wrap a long pieces of yarn between the two cardboard discs and around your pom pom. Tie off as tightly as possible. Repeat (just to make it extra secure).

Pull your pom pom out and done!

Your basic pom pom is ready!! Now you need to turn it into an axolotl!

Axolotl Pom Pom features

axolotl pom-pom

Adding te axolotl pom pom features is easy… you will need:

  • some black eyes (we cut ours from felt, but see below you can use beads too)
  • a small mouth (also from felt)
  • a total of 6 pipe cleaner ferns – these can be folded in half as per our pink axolotl or simple straight lines as per the axolotl pom pom below)
  • optional: you can cut out paper legs too

Once you have all your shapes ready, use your hot glue gun to secure them in place!! Sorted.

easy axolotl craft ideas
Here isa great axolotl pom pom posted on Reddit!

Hope your Christmas Tree gets to have some super fun axolotl pom poms this year!! Pom pom making is so so fun.. and we simply adore easy Axolotl DIYs too! Yay!

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