Christmas Paper Mache Ideas

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The month of December is upon us! And with that, it is time to explore one of our favourite craft mediums – paper mache! We love working creating paper mache projects all year round.. and there are some fun things to make for the holiday season. So let’s take a look Christmas Paper Mache Ideas!

Christmas papier mache

This collection focusses on easy projects (with one or two “harder” ones added as inspiration). We do like to share do-able crafts that you can enjoy making with the kids!

We love DIY Newspaper Projects!

What is the best Paper Mache recipe?

We have a tried and tested DIY Paper Mache Glue, that is incredibly strong and super easy to make. All you need is a cup of flour and water! I love that it uses inexpensive materials and that, eventhough it is strong and durable, it is also biodegradable.

This homemade paper mache paste is perfect for the classroom and summer camps too!

Christmas Paper Mache Projects

The most popular use for paper mache at Christmas, is to make some Christmas Decorations for the Christmas Tree, as well as general Christmas decor. Let’s take a look at these lovely tutorials for grown ups and kids of all ages and make some lovely holiday decor together!

Christmas Papier Mache Balloon Decorations

Child’s Play ABC has a whole collection of fabulous Christmas Paper Mache Projects using balloons. Working with balloons is the best way to introduce paper mache you to younger children. The size makes it managable for small hands and the shape of the balloon allows for lots of lovely Christmas designs. As you can see there is a paper mache Christmas Pudding, a robin, a penguin, a reindeer and a paper mache snowman! The kids will have had a blast making these! Once simple paper mache project – then painted and decorated in lots of different ways!

garden bird crafts for kids

Paper Mache Birds

We have some lovely Paper Mache Winter birds for you too. Love the little wire feet! This is alovely way to explore little winter birds native to where you life. We have blue tits and robins here.. but maybe you would like to make some paper mache cardinals?

paper mache bowls christmas decor

Paper Mache Bowls for Christmas

I love the simplicity of these Christmas Paper Mache Bowls by Lovely Indeed! Again.. all you need is your balloon, newspaper strips and homemade paper mache paste to get started! The key to this gorgeous Christmas decor, is finding some lovely gold paint! The bowl also makes a great little gift idea!

paper mache lanterns
Geschenke aus meinem wilden Garten

Christmas Paper Mache Lanterns

We have combined tissue paper and paper mache before to make some gorgeous paper mache Halloween Lanterns.. but you can do the same for these beautiful Christmas lanternts too! A beautiful way to decorate the house for the holiday season, don’t you think? Perfect as a winter soltice project too! Visit Gartenzauber for full info.

papier mache mushrooms

Papier Mache Mushroom Decorations

I always feel that mushrooms are very Christmassy! And I love love love this papier mache mushroom tutorial from Brenda Walton! Aren’t they jolly?

paper mache snowman
Using paper clay is great for older kids

Crumpled Plastic Bag Paper Mache Snowman

The other technique for making larger items, quickly and easily (and that allows them to dry) is of course using crumpled plastic bags or crumple newspapers at the base of your paper mache projects! It then uses a paper clay recipe to for the more detailed outer layer. Which is a great idea. Check out Jonni Good’s website for the full tutorial. She has lots of great ideas!

paper mache bauble
The kids loved adding glitter glue

Christmas paper mache baubles

My newspaper paper mache baubles are not my neatest work.. we made these on a whim, quickly, as an experiment… I would make them again, but take more time over them – a bit more shaping, some layers of masking tape and then a final layer of newspaper strips! The kids and I still had fun though!

paper mache christmas ornaments
Hang with baker’s twine or ribbons!

Christmas paper mache ornaments

Satsuma Designs has some more paper mache ornaments to try out! You have seen a mushroom and a bird already.. but here is also a sweet little paper mache heart to try!

paper mache bauble

Christmas Ornaments paper mache

Similarly you can make paper mache baubles using balloons, but of course they will be larger. So you may want experiment with waterballoons maybe. These cute christmas ornament bauble is by Daisies And Pie.

tree ornament paper mache paste

Christmas Tree paper mache ornament

Love this Mini Christmas Tree ornament – using paper mache paste to help give it that crinkled tree shape. A clever craft from Buggy and Buddy. We do love tree ornaments!

paper mache gifts
Music sheets or scrapbook paper is perfect for these!

Dancing Paper Mache Ballerina or Angel

Finally, I will leave you with a gorgeous gift idea from Etsy (affiliate link added for convenience) how BEAUTIFUL are these whimsical paper mache ballerinas or angels? Just gorgeous. Be inspired to create your own?! It certainly takes you to the next level of paper mache crafting! Love tha the strips of paper used here are old music sheets. So pretty!

I hope these Christmas crafts using newspapers and our very own paper mache mixture, give you plenty of inspiration this December!

Of course, we have MANY more crafts for you, why not check out our collection of Paper Christmas Ornaments?

Paper Christmas Ornaments
paper mache christmas projects