Cootie Catcher Printables for all Occassions

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If you are looking for some printable Cootie Catches, we have a fantastic set of printables here for you today. They explore all the different seasons and occasions throughout the year! From Mother’s Day, through to the 4th July and of Christmas!

Our collection of printable cootie catcher template ideas. Though you can browse these and write your own cootie catcher fortune ideas or quiz questions – or be inspired by these printable fortune tellers and design your own!

Cootie catchers make such fun paper toy that MUST feature in any childhood!

How do you make a Cootie Catcher

Here are our Step By Step Instructions!

You can watch this simple video (borrowed from our FLOWER Fortune Tellers) or read the photo step by step instructions below!).

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Cootie Catcher/ Fortune Teller photo step by step instructions

To make your Cootie Catcher, you will need a square piece of paper. We generally cut it from an A4 sheet of paper, so measures approximately 20 x 20 cm.

Begin by folding the paper across the diagonal in both directions – so you get a cross shape (bottom left photo)

Bring each corner towards the middle/ inside and make a neat fold (picture 4 shows the first fold).

Once you have all four folds (top right) – use your thumbs to make neat creases. Flip your paper over.

You will see another “cross” running across you paper, marking out four small squares.

Again, fold in the corner tabs in towards the middle (as per bottom right photo).

Final stages of making your paper cootie catcher.

Once you have all for folds, fold in half (as per top right), open and fold in half again in the other direction. Just to create some creases.

Now comes the “only” tricky bit.. you need to squeeze all four sides in towards each other as per the bottom left images.

Then lift each outside flap to make your Cootie Catcher! ENJOY!!!

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