Easter Paper Mache Projects and Ideas for Kids

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Time for some lovely Easter crafts! As you know, we are big fans of paper mache and love making our very own paper mache glue. It is a super easy paper macher recipe that is strong and durable AND inexpensive. Perfect for at home, in the classroom or holiday camps. Now.. with the spring around the corner, we have some gorgeous Easter Paper Mache Ideas for you.. many of these can be used as more generic spring paper mache projects too!

Easter Paper Mache Project IDeas

You will notice, that I have a section especially for making paper mache EGGS.. as the egg shape is one of the best paper mache projects for beginners… after all, balloons make such a great paper mache project starting point. But we share some other project ideas for you today too!

How to make paper mache with glue and newspaper?

So working with newspapers and diy paper mache glue really is very very easy! All you need are newspapers, flour and water….. as your basic paper mache supplies!

Traditionally paper mache is made from newspapers, but you can also make paper mache clay with shredded paper or created tissue paper mache projects too! But most people either tear paper strips from a newspaper or cut long newpaper strips with a pair of scissors. It feels a bit neater!

To make a paper mache paste:

  • 1 cup plain flour (all purpose flour)
  • 2 cups tap water
  • OPTIONAL: some people like to add a tablespoon of salt to help preserve the paper mache glue – but we have never needed to do this. If you live in an area with high humidity you may wish to add some

The video tutorial shows you how easy it is in a microwave, but you can use a stove top too. ALSO: I have made this as no cook paper mache glue before… with careful mixing. It just isn’t quite as strong. As the heating process helps release the sticky starches. It does work uncooked as well though.

Paper mache with white school glue:

You can of course also make paper mache projects with PVA Glue. In this case, you simply water down the glue a little, to make it runnier and easier for your newspaper strips to soak up. Use whatever you find more convenient!

Soooo on to some paper mache art for the spring and Easter season! Let’s take a peak at this great collection of paper mache ideas!

Brushes and Paints

Most paper mache will require painting. So you will need some paint brushes and paints too. We like using poster paints or acrylic paints if you want a more sealed finish! For small projects, I also like to use gloss enamels.

Easter Paper Mache Project Ideas

This more of a “general” Easter paper mache ideas section.. you will find some paper mache hens, paper mache Easter baskets, some sheep or lambs, as well as a more generic paper mache Spring DIY theme!

Tissue paper mache Easter Baskets Chicks & Hen

Cute little Easter bowls or Easter Baskets. Have a go at either the Hen Easter Basket or the Chick Easter Basket (or the quirky Bunny baskets in the background). These are both made using balloons that you later pop (or reuse if you can take them out of the basket carefully).

Adorable Papier Mache Birds

Paper Mache Birds

These Paper Mache Birds are so sweet! You can actually make them all year round (they make a lovely Winter Paper Mache craft too). But I like them especially for spring crafting.. and don’t they look sweet as part of this Easter tree decor?

paper mache bird

Wire Feet Paper Mache Birds

Whilst on the theme of spring birds, I do love how Creative in Chicago Paper Mache Birds have these cute little wire feet to stand on. This really is a lovely snall bird paper mache proejct to make. These really do make lovely Easter decorations.

paper mache sheep

Paper Mache Sheep

Sheep Paper Mache Project – this is definitely a larger paper mache project and I would probably put it in the paper mache sculpture category.

Paper Mache Lamb Pinata

As we all know, paper mache is the perfect medium for making homemade pinatas!! An absolute paper mache classic. So if you are looking to make a paper mache lamb pinata, here is the perfect one on YouTube! I almost feel a little sad that it IS a pinata and will indeed become a sacrificial lamb… maybe you need to keep this as a super cute Easter decoration instead.. right?

Easter Egg Chicken Paper Mache

These Chickens are from an old edition of Landkind. so sadly, you won’t find the full instructions.. but I wanted to still share them with you for design inspiration!

Paper Mache Projects with REAL EGGS

Paper mache is a great way to work with REAL egg shells. This way you get the perfect egg shape (aka the cleaned out and dried egg shells), that you can make super strong by adding a layer of paper mache – be it thin newspaper strips or tissue paper. We have a couple of projects up for you first!

BIG ASK: I have, over the years, seen people us plastic eggs in a similar way… I say: use blown out REAL EGGS!! They are sooo much more eco friendly – and if you think about it, the newspaper or tissue paper will biodegrade over time (especially if using the best flour & water paper mache paste). So why spend unnecessary money, to make something that goes into landfill… use a REAL egg. Save money AND be good to the environment. No plastic eggs here! Learn how to blow an egg.

Tissue paper mache Egg Shaker Toys

We love making these Egg Shaker Toys (you can make them as DIY Maracas too) – a really fun way to work with REAL eggs and recycle some tissue paper!! Surprisingly easy and the kids will love it! If you stick to the flour and water paper mache glue, these are super eco friendly too.

tissue paper eggs

Eric Carle Tissue Paper Eggs

Or how about our “Eric Carle” eggs. These would look really lovely as an Easter Tree Decoration too. For these we actually use some PVA glue/ white glue with some parts water. It just made the tissue paper pop a little more.

How to make Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Now to the “classic” Balloon Paper Mache Easter Eggs…. Every one has to make paper mache Easter eggs at some point, right? Surely this is a childhood staples.. especially since the balloon shape lends itself SO WELL as a paper mache egg shape. You can make them large (with a regular balloon) or small (with a water balloon). Now there are A LOT of Easter Egg Paper Mache projects out there. So many cute different ideas on the same theme… so I thought I would share more than just the one…

Paper Mache Easter Eggs with Kids

Artful Parent makes some Giant Paper Mache Eggs with kids.

Paper Mache Egg Decor – Diorama

Diaoramas are super fun Easter Decorations! And you get explore all sorts of themese for them. Here is a great example from Paper Glitter Glue showing some lovely spring themes – bunnies, lambs and flowers. So sweet!

Easter Egg Pinata Paper Mache

Replace the strips of newspaper with some tissue paper and make a fabulous Easter Egg pinata with Mom.Com!

Adorable Paper Mache Bunny Rabbit Crafts

Now a special Easter Bunny Paper Mache section! Well.. if the Easter Egg, get’s it very own section, I think paper mache rabbits need one as well!

Adorable Bunny Rabbit Paper Mache

HonigKukuk has these WONDERFUL paper mache bunnies. Aren’t they adorable? I SO have to make some as part of our Easter decor this year!

easter bunny paper mache

Rabbit Paper Mache Wall Decor

More fun from HonigKukuk with these fantastic paper mache rabbit wall decorations. So cute.

easter rabbit paper mache

Plastic Bottle Paper Mache Rabbit

Purple Hues and Me combines plastic bottles, wire and kitchen towel paper to form a base of these clever paper mache rabbits!

Paper Mache Carrots

Ok.. I think it is time for some cheeky carrots!! These are so fun!

large paper mache carrot

Paper Mache Carrot Wreath

Well ok.. this giant paper mache carrot isn’t “quite a wreath” per se.. but it does take the place of an Easter wreath as a fabulous front door decoration for Easter. The Easter bunny is sure to come and pay you a visit when it sees this quirky carrot. You can find out how to make it over on YouTube!

Paper Mache Carrot Pencils – Easter Basket Gifts

Or how about making these brilliant Carrot pens or pencisl? They would be a brilliant addition to your Easter Basket Gifts! Small Hands Big Art shows us how!

Paper Mache Pinata Carrot for Easter

Ok, if you felt a little sorry for the Easter lamb pinata being bashed.. how about this Pinata Carrot from Oh Happy Days?! SO FUN!

Other Paper Mache Projects for Spring

Finally.. one more idea for you.

Paper Mache Teacups

Now I REALLY love the clever use of a plastic bottle as a base for these gorgeous Spring Paper Mache Teacups from Pillar Box Blue. These are so very pretty! If you can’t quite be bothered to make paper mache teacups, do check out Teacup Printable. So sweet (but not as sturdy!).

I hope you have been inspired by todayes paper mache ideas and that you now fancy giving paper mache art a go! It really doesn’t have to be difficult, but there is plenty of opporunty to get creative and explore! Remember, making your own paper mache glue is super easy!

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