Easy Paper Bunny Origami

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Oh yes, it is that time of year again (or at least it is for me.. I simply CANNOT wait) – Easy Paper Bunny Origami time!!!!!!! I love Spring and Easter Crafts.. and all the lovely DIYs associated with this time of year from chick crafts and to bunny crafts. Now we have made an Easy Origami Bunny before – it is super popular, the kids LOVE it and it is oh so easy. Today’s paper bunny, is just a **tiny** but more skilled, but still a great Origami for Beginners project! both our paper bunnies are a great addition to our Paper Easter Crafts round up – a great way to quickly and easily decorate for Easter!

The first bunny was “just the head” – adorable and cute, perfect as easy Easter decor or for sending an Easter Card. Today’s bunny would make a lovely table decoration, with some chocolate Easter eggs scattered about. I love that we have “two versions” of the same rabbit origami – one standing paper rabbit and one crouching paper rabbit. Make the one you prefer.. or like us, make both.

Be warned though.. they are highly addictive and you may end up with a whole  paper BUNNY family!

Easy Paper Bunny – Materials

  • we used white printer paper cut in half and then cut down to a square (see video)
  • keep any left overs for baby bunnies
  • optional – scissors
  • black and pink pen and/ or pink paper scraps and glue

Easy Paper Bunny Origami

Though we do do a LITTLE cutting for this paper bunny, I still think it is classed as origami for kids (some purists will say “no cutting” and “no pens” allowed) – however when teaching kids basic origami folds, this is a great project for understanding some basic shapes, patterns and fold concepts. So I hope you will agree that this is still a great origami project for younger kids, but those younger kids who want to learn a new fold.

Do watch the video on auto play! I will look to add step by step photo instructions in the coming days!

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