Mermaid Corner Bookmark Design


It really was only a matter of time before we made a Mermaid Corner Bookmark here on Red Ted Art. As you know, we do rather love our corner bookmark designs and have literally over a 100 for you to choose from.. but one glaringly obvious missing design was this darling little Mermaid Bookmark Corner.

Mermaid Corner Bookmark Design. Magical DIY Mermaid Bookmark Craft. Paper Mermaid Bookmark Corner for Summer and Little Mermaid Fans! #mermaids #bookmarks #cornerbookmarks #summer
These mermaid bookmark corners were first published in April 2018

We have Unicorn Corner Bookmarks.. and Mermaid Hug Book Bookmarks (I love these by the way, you simply have to take a look) and finally.. I managed to figure out what a Mermaid Corner Bookmark should look like. We have a whole collection of magical Mermaid Craft Ideas too!

Mermaid Corner Bookmark – Materials

  • A square white piece of paper (can be skin tone too), we used one 15 x 15cm
  • Coloured paper for hair and fins
  • Pens & pencils (for facial details)
  • Sequence or glitter glue for decorating (optional)
  • Scissors & glue

How to make a Mermaid Bookmark Corner

Watch out for the detailed video how to down below or follow the  written steps here!

The Basic Origami Bookmark

Mermaid Corner Bookmark Design. Magical DIY Mermaid Bookmark Craft. Paper Mermaid Bookmark Corner for Summer and Little Mermaid Fans! #mermaids #bookmarks #cornerbookmarks #summer

As with all our bookmarks, begin by making a basic corner bookmark. You can watch the video above or follow these Step By Step Origami Bookmark Instructions here.

Next trim your top on and sides of the corner bookmark.

The Mermaid’s Hair

Trace an outline of your mermaids head onto the coloured paper designed for the mermaid bookmark’s hair.

Shape to suit a face.

Cut out.

The Mermaid’s Fin

Trace the bottom half of the bookmark in the coloure paper chosen for the mermaids tail. Cut out a triangle.

Then cut out two fins.

Assembling the Mermaid Corner Bookmark

Make sure all your pieces fit together and there is enough space for the face. Add the mermaid’s facial details and skin colour.

Glue down the hair and fin.

Finally, decorate the Mermaid’s fin with glitter glue and sequence (optional of course!).

Done. Isn’t it adorable?

Mermaid Bookmark Video How To:

And now to our video! Or follow the written instructions below.

And love it when readers send me their photos, like this one by Monica

Aren’t the fab?

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