Mini Pinata Party Favors for Halloween

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Come and make some Mini Pinata Party Favors for Halloween with us! Combine the humble and super versatile paper roll, with recycled tissue paper, to make these adorable Mini Monster Pinatas for Halloween, quickly and easily! You can use them as actual pinatas during your Halloween Party.. or send them home as Halloween Party Favors with your guests. Too cute! They are part of our Best Makes Ever Series on Sky Kids.

Mini pinatas

If you are throwing a Halloween Party this spooky season, be sure to include a piñata or two! Especially, once you have checked out this article and seen how easy it is to create a mini piñata or two or 20!

Though we absolutely ADORE these mini pinata party favours.. I have some ideas to share with you as well…

Other Mini Pinatas for Halloween

We have made mini pinatas for Halloween before. And they relaly do make great mini pinata party favours to take home. Here are some more variations:

You can either make the ridiculously cute and super easy Paper Cup Ghost Pinatas.. yes, you guessed it, this time you just need tissue paper and paper cups! Or on a very similar theme.. and what started the “mini pinata” trend here on Red Ted Art – the cardboard tube bat pinatas! Find out more about both here:

Aren’t they fun? You could easily make some of these to your crafting session and have a variety of mini pinata party favors to send home!

Mini Monster Pinatas

mini pinata party favour

Back to your Mini Monster Pinatas! As mentioned we made these as part of our Best Makes Ever Halloween Series on Sky kids! So you can watch this quick and easy make over there.. but the craft is very easy and the basics are simple…

Mini Pinata Supplies:

  • One paper roll/ cardboard tube/ loo roll per monster
  • Recycled tissue paper from presents or store wrapping
  • Baker’s twine for hanging
  • Paper cut offs for Monster’s Eyes, Mouth and teeth
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • A little tape

+ Halloween candy or small gifts or other small party favours (e.g. bouncy balls etc) to fill your mini piñata with!

Making your mini pinata party favours

As mentioned, there a couple of ways you can check this lovely craft out!

mini pinatas

Hop on over to Sky Kids to see the make – as part of the Halloween Best Makes Ever Series:

halloween best makes ever

….or alternatively, be inspired by our Frida Kahlo Minia Pinata make here (the video tutorial for these mini pinatas is also showing on auto play video:

TP Roll Pinata Frida Kahlo style for Cinco the Mayo

….or alternatively, AGAIN, if you fancy a BIGGER Monster Pinata, why not try this clever Paper Pag & Post It Note Monster Pinata? No Paper Mache needed:

monster pinata easy

Isn’t this (regular sized) Monster Pinata fabulous? All you need to make this one is a paper bag and some post it notes (or create your own paper strips, similar to the tissue paper strips used for the Mini Pinatas!). Such a fun craft! And also easier to “smash” than a regular paper mache pinata! Though if you really want.. we have one of those for the Day of the Dead as well:

Halloween Party Pinata

Learn how to make your own Sugar Skull Pinata here.