Easy Scarecrow Corner Bookmark Design for Harvest Festivals and Fall

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Ah with Harvest Festival around the corner and my complete lack of Harvest Festival Activities for Kids, I thought it was about time to rectify this! We love the popular Scarecrow Craft Theme for Kids and of course had to turn some of favourite kids crafts into a scarecrow! Today we share this easy Scarecrow Corner Bookmark part of our extensive collection of Corner Bookmark Designs!!

Easy Scarecrow Corner Bookmark Design for Harvest Festival. An adorable Harvest Festival Activity for kids. Make these easy Paper Scarecrow Bookmarks #scarecrow #bookmarks #papercrafts #harvest #fall
This cute Scarecrow Cratf was first shared in 2018

In our collection of more extensive Scarecrow Crafts, we also have the cutest of cute Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow, as well as fabulous Scarecrow Puppet Printable. Harvest Activities for kids SORTED! Enjoy.

Our cute scarecrow craft today, is one of our favourite types of crafts – Corner Bookmarks. We love making bookmarks like this, as the supplies required are very simple – you only need some paper or construction paper… and off you go.

These scarecrow bookmarks are great for elementary school kids or kids aged 5yrs+. You need to be able to do a little basic origami as well as be confident in cutting some basic shapes.

DIY Scarecrow Bookmark – Materials

  • One square piece of paper 15 x 15cm in a hat colour (we used green)
  • Scraps of paper for hat details, scarecrow face and hair
  • Pen
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

How to make a Scarecrow Corner Bookmark DIY

We have super quick and cute Scarecrow Bookmark Corner Video How to for you – you can watch it on “auto play” on this page.. or follow the written step by step instructions below!

How to make a Scarecrow Bookmark Corner – Step by Step

Begin by making a basic corner bookmark – we have an Origami Bookmark photo or video instructions here. Make it in the colour that you want your Scarecrow’s hat to be. I chose dark green!

Turning your origami bookmark into a Scarecrow

The hat:

Cut a strip of red paper approximately 0.5cm wide and long enough to go across your bookmark corner.

Glue into place. Trim the top of the hat and the sides of the hat as per the final Scarecrow Bookmark photos.

Make a little paper flower – by cutting out paper petals and a flower centre and glue ont your Scrowcrow’s Hat!

The Scare Crow’s Face

Use a tin can or similar to trace part of a circle – it doesn’t need to be a full circle, but a bit more than half.

Glue “under the hat” on to the green part “poking out”. Trim the sides of the green paper to fit the face.

Add the facial details with paper and pen.

Finally, cut some yellow strips of paper for the Scarecrow’s hair and glue UNDER the hat.

Finished!!!! Isn’t this Paper Scarecrow Corner Bookmark ADORABLE?! Love love love!

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