Sheep Crafts for Preschoolers

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We have shared sheep crafts here on Red Ted Art before, time for our Sheep Crafts for Preschoolers “sub section”.. one of the main reasons, I wanted to separate this preschool lamb crafts, is because we are heading into the Nativity Season. And how many of our little ones, have ended up in a Sheep Costume for the Nativity Play?! Right? So though this collection is about MORE than just Nativity play costumes – there is plenty here for spring crafting and Easter Crafts with preschoolers too… I wanted to share these today!

DIY Sheep Costume ideas for Preschool and Kindergarten

Sheep headbands for simple costume

Super Simple Sheep Headbands for Dress Up

A super simple Lamb Paper Hat for kids to make – perfect as a simple nativity play costume for toddlers or preschoolers. Choose from “full color” version or black and white version. The black and white version the children can color themselves – to “fill” more lesson time, or to assist in coloring skills. OR you can print it straight onto colorful card if you wish.

A fun little craft for Easter or to help assist with an nativity play costumes. Match with black our white t-shirts and leggings.

The 4 page printable is available in my teacher’s pay teacher’s store (for less than the price of a coffee.. a simple way for you to enjoy a printable and support the upkeep of this website!).

DIY Sheep Costume

Adorable DIY Sheep Costume

Our school have taken it upon themselves to divide up the school nativity schedule, with Key Stage 2 performing their school play at Christmas, and Key Stage 1 during the Spring Term – this is actually a GOOD thing as it means that we can all stagger the costume making this year, hooray!

So – as it’s a Spring performance, guess what, yes, little lambs! So whilst scouring the internet for ideas we stumbled across the tastefulllifeblog and her amazing DIY Sheep Costume!

So get yourself to the bathroom and raid that cabinet for all the cotton wool balls you can find – you’ve got a DIY Sheep Costume to make! Full instructions here.

Sheep Mask Costume

Easy Sheep Costume with DIY Sheep Masks!

Aww we LOVE these sheep masks! These gorgeous creations are just brilliant for those of us who don’t like a full DRESS UP – and just how very adorable do they look? This would make a great Easter Craft for Preschoolers!

Imagine a whole flock of them in the classroom – and great for Holiday – away in the manger – type school productions too – take note! Sheep Crafts are so fun.

As well as Easter Crafts and Spring Crafts heading our way, we  hope you will love these adorable Paper Plate Masks – yep, you have guessed it – one paper plates, turns into one of these fabulous Sheep Masks (and remember, wouldn’t they be great for a Christmas Nativity Play full of sheep too? But I digress!).

This wonderfully simple and fun Paper Plate Sheep Mask is bound to go down well with the kids – would be great as a class room activity too I think?

Check out My Little 3 and Me for full info and cutting patterns.

Sheep Crafts for Preschoolers and Toddlers

This is such an easy cotton ball sheep craft and it ROCKS!

Rocking Paper Plate Sheep or Spring Lamb

I adore these super simple Paper Plate Rocking Sheep – they combine different textures, and art materials – crayons, stickers and paper! Don’t be put off, you can basically work with “what you have” and adapt the design to suit your needs. We also made these in class with Reception (4-5yrs olds) and they work great with shredded paper instead of the cotton balls (more eco friendly too!). Bothe the shredded paper sheep and the cotton ball sheep look lovely. So you can’t go wrong either way!

Simple Cotton Wool Sheep

I first made this Cotton Wool Lamb SOOOO very long ago as a guest post for the guardian online! We love working with cotton balls when the kids are little, but as with the rocking sheep craft, you could probably make this with shredded paper too! No harm in keeping things thrifty and eco friendly, especially if working in the classroom.

Cardboard Tube Sheep

We actually made two Cardboard Tube Sheep Craft over the years… this one and another more “shaun the sheep one” below. I love the little twiggy legs of this Toilet Roll Sheep! And love how that beedy eye is looking at me. Ha!

Easy Shaun the Sheep TP Roll Craft
Toilet paper roll sheep are so cute

Upright Toilet Paper Roll Sheep (shaun the sheep)

And here is our second Toilet Paper Roll Sheep (Shaun the Sheep)! Isn’t he fun? Personally I think this version was probably a bit easier to make, as you didn’t need to paint your empty toilet paper rolls first!

Puffy Sheep Mobile for Toddlers
Bubble wrap is great for printing sheep wool

DIY Puffy Sheep Mobile – using bubble wrap printing

How about this bubble wrap sheep craft for kids! This is an activity that the kids and I adored – making a Puffy Sheep Mobile – bubble wrap printing is a super fun activity! You can use the bubble wrap to print your woolly sheep and later to to stuff them. Such a simple activity. We actually stapled ours together (quick and easy), but if you want to “extend” the idea a little, you could add some paper sewing too! Such an easy sheep craft that preschoolers especially will love! We “stapled” our sheep together, but you could hole punch around the edge of the sheep and use these for a fine motor lacing activity too!

Yarn wrapped Sheep Pom Poms

Woolly Sheep Craft – perfect decoration for your Easter table!

How about this Woolly Sheep Craft DIY. The perfect little Easter Craft for Preschoolers?

With pom poms everywhere this month, our eyes were drawn to this little cute Woolly Sheep Craft, I think the choice of the wool colour makes all the difference when it comes to a table decoration – choose the wool to go with your decor if you want to coordinate – or if you are like us, and have scraps of LOTS of different coloured wool, go organic and chaotic and use up what you have lying around! The Woolly Sheep Craft technique here is slightly different to the traditional pom pom, and we like the simplicity of these, possibly easier for smaller children to master, certainly less fiddly, but just as effective.

Originally from Studio Jean in the Netherlands – but this site no longer up and running. The basic process is: cut a sheep shape with a big tummy. Get two clothes begs and attached to the bottom of the sheep. Then yarn wrap away.. that is it! The “pom pom” looking sheep, is the same, using extra “woolly wool”.

but other colours too! Just remember to add the googly eyes.

Finished yarn wrapped wreath
Pom pom sheep are so cute and easy to make!

Simple Yarn Wrapped Spring Wreath with pom pom sheep

So we made a paper plate sheep that rocks already! But how about taking some more paper plates, grabbing your pom pom sheep and turning them into this lovely (and easy) Yarn Wrapped Paper Plate Wreath for spring? These are wreaths are probably one my favourite Spring decorations in a long time. We also made one with a dangly bee pom pom at the bottom, so cute!

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