Toilet Paper Roll Ballerina or Sugar Plum Fairy

I can’t believe we don’t have a Toilet Paper Roll Ballerina in our repetoir of Toilet Paper Roll Crafts yet. We seem to have almost every other creation.. but NO Ballerina.

As I was recently creating a fabulous TP Roll Nutcracker, I thought it would make sense to make a TP Roll Mouse King and TP Roll Ballerina too.

Toilet Paper Roll Ballerina – Materials

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Paint in skin tone of choice (but you can leave it plain too)
  • Tissue paper for tutu
  • Glue stick
  • Pens for facial features
  • Paper scraps for hair and crown – we used brown and yellow
  • Optional for the Sugar Plum Fair – paper for fair wings

How to make a Ballerina Craft from Toilet Paper Rolls

We have another little How To video for you today, plus some step by step stills from the video below! Enjoy.

Paint your ballerina’s body (if desired)

Begin by painting your TP Roll in the desired skin tone. You can also leave it grey – perfectly good for TP Roll people! I decided to go for pink, as I already had some of the paint out.

Let dry fully.

Cut out two little semi circles from the tissue paper as ballet shoes and glue onto the TP Roll for the ballerina.

Cut a strip of tissue paper and wrap it around the centre of the TP Roll as a tutu bodice.

Let’s make the ballerina’s tutu!

Now take a long piece of tissue paper. Add lots of glue to the centre or the ballerina’s bodice and start bunching it up and gluing it to the body. A bit like a gathered skirt. It may be a little fiddly.. but persevere. You can also use fabric or tulle and gather it with some thread first.

Final ballerina features

Once you have reach all the way round the ballerina, glue the tutu onto itself. Trim if necessary.

Add some facial features with your pens.

Now for the Ballerina’s Hair and crown

Finally make some hair – I cut a brown strip of paper a “bun” (like a flat tear trop) and a grown. Glue together and then glue to the TP Roll Ballerina’s head.


Optional: you can cut some fairy wings and glue them to the back!

As mentions throughout.. this little Ballerina is a part of the Nutcracker TP Roll Story telling prompts – where we have:

Enjoy your story telling or Christmas ballet show!

Watch the video again on YouTube:

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