Toilet Paper Roll Nutcracker Story Telling Props

Hooray! We really do LOVE Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers and kids. Combine that with our love for Toilet Paper Crafts and what do you get? A Toilet Paper Roll Nutcracker Story Telling Prop.

Woohoo. This set is SO CUTE and the kids will LOVE to make him. We used some paint to make the Nutcracker and Sugar Plum Fairy themselves… but I will share alternatives if you don’t want to get the paints out!

TP Roll Nutcracker Set for Christmas
Toilet Paper Roll Nutcracker Fairy Tale Set

We love ALL Fairy Tales.. and this makes the perfect addition to our collection of Fairy Tale Crafts. Do take a peak at these too!

Also.. if you are making these as part of any story telling props, you can make have a good look at our Christmas Tree Crafts and other Nutcracker DIY ideas for additional items.

TP Roll Nutcracker Set for Christmas
Which Nutcracker do you prefer?! With traditional features or without (aka the hair)

Toilet Paper Roll Nutcracker Craft – Materials

  • either two toilet paper rolls (you can connect them with paper or ribbon) or one kitchen towel tube cut down 3/4 of the way
  • paints in black, pink and blue OR paper in the same colours
  • off cuts of gold paper and ribbons
  • a sticker gem (if you have one, else paper is fine)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • paint brushes
  • Pens for facial features (we used posca pens, but most pens will do)

How to make a Toilet Paper Roll Nutcracker Story Telling Prop

I started off by sketching out a rough Nutcracker design. I LOVE the Nutcracker Gift Box Set shared in this DIY Nutcracher Crafts. You can watch the progress in this video:


Add your basic block colours to your nutcracker’s body

TP Roll Nutcracker Set for Christmas
Paint your Cardboard tube in Black, skin tone of your choice and blue (you can also use paper for this)

Start off by sketching out thirds for the Nutcracker with a pencil.

Paint in Black, Pink and Blue paint. You can replace these paints with strips of paper. Do the pink paper around the middle first, then add black and blue.

Decorating your Nutcracker’s uniform

TP Roll Nutcracker Set for Christmas
Add embellishments – use what you have at home!

Once dry, have a good hunt around for embellishments. I found some gold paper, red ribbon and a gem.

Glue some gold around the hat.

The Red ribbon around the top of the body.

Then glue the gem to the gold paper – cut out a tear shape and glue to the hat.

With a yellow pen add some gold buttons.

Drawing Nutcracker Faces!

TP Roll Nutcracker Set for Christmas
Time forthe Nutcracker’s Facial Features – with beard or without?!

Finally, using your Posca Pens add facial features – we added a big nose and eyes, thick eyebrows, a moustache and rosy cheeks.

TP Roll Nutcracker Set for Christmas
I love both versions of this TP Roll Nutcracker! Which do you prefer?

I played around with some cotton wool, but couldn’t decide whether to add it or not! I like them both!! What do you think?

TP Roll Nutcracker Set for Christmas
Hello there Mr Nutcracker!

Anyway.. this handsome TP Roll Solider now joins the rest of the Toilet Paper Roll Nutcracker crew:

TP Roll Nutcracker Set for Christmas
Time to play! Hooray for Christmas TP Roll Crafts


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