Easy Toilet Roll Snowman with Sock Hats!

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There isn’t an inch of snow in sight yet.. in fact, we never really get much snow here… but the kids where drawing the “school Christmas cards” this week and came home wanting to make snowmen…. so snowmen it was and what else than a TOILET ROLL SNOWMAN (how we do love a good ol’ Easy Snowman Craft)!

Make a Toilet Roll Snowman with Your Kids

This fun snowman toilet paper roll craft is perfect for those long winter months in December, January and February.. a perfect indoor craft to keep the kids busy and entertained!

Snowman Bowling Game:

You know us and loo rolls.. can’t resist them. And we thought we could make a little snowman game from them: Snowman Bowling! Great fun.

Extension Ideas:

If you are REALLY keen, you can draw numbers on your snowmen and as you bowl, practice your maths adding skills. We may still add some numbers on the back. Then there is a surprise element too.

Other uses for your Toilte Roll Snowman:

If you don’t fancy the bowling idea, these work great as little snowmen treat goodie bags , as part of a DIY Advent Calendar scene or just have some fun playing with them.

Toilet Roll Snowman Supplies Needed:

Our toilet paper rolls snowmen are pretty much 99% recycled, per cardboard tube snowman we used

  • a toilet roll,
  • an old single sock,
  • a little baker’s twine or thread/ ribbon to “tie” the hat
  • felt scraps,
  • a pen or two (black and orange are helpful!)
  • some white paint,
  • glue
  • you will also need apro of scissors and paint brushes

Optional: you could add a pipe cleaner to make some stick arms or make the carrot nose from pipe cleaners! But I think ours look cute with out these!

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman Craft – How To

Let’s get started with this adorable winter craft for preschoolers and kids!

Paint the cardboard Tubes white

1) First we painted our toilet rolls white. If you don’t want to use paints, you can wrap your toilet paper rolls in white paper too!

TP Roll Crafts (2)
Oh my, how I love the look of concentration

Make your snowman hats from old socks

2) Then we picked one of our odd socks. We used the top end as the “bottom of the hat” – you know the elastic part of the sock? Use scissors to cut across it and tied it with some string to create a bobble/ pom-pom. Use a dab of glue to secure the hat in place if need be. Kids socks definitely work best for this toilet paper snowman craft!

Snowmen crafts
Wrap the scarf around your toilet paper tube

Tie on a scarf made from te left over sock

3) Using the second part of the sock (i.e. where the toe is) – I cut diagonally “round and round” the sock to get a long strip. Which the kids then tied on as a matching scarf. One sock: one hat + one scarf. You could also use a strip of felt for the scarf and cut a fringe.. but I really like the continued use of the odd sock!

Snowmen crafts preschoolers
Adding the finishing touches to your little guy! You could add some rosy cheeks too!

Add your snowman’s face and buttons

4) Draw on your face or use googly eyes – you will need eyes, an orange nose and your snowman’s coal mouth

5) Cut some felt buttons from scraps and glue on. You can of course recycle old buttons or draw some on or make paper scrap buttons! Or draw on some black coal buttons. Really lots of options to improvise and customise, depending on the resources you have to hand.

Snowman crafts for preschoolers. Oh these guys crack me up - a fun game of Snowman Bowling (add numbers to the backs and you can incorporate some counting and adding practice) made from old socks and tp rolls! Just brilliant. #snowman #snowmancraft #snowmen #tprollsnowamn #snowmangames #snowday
You can use a little orange construction paper for the carrot noses too!

Finished!! How cute is this little guy? Pip Squeak made three. Red Ted made two and I made one…. If you make a whole bunch of these snowmen, they are perfect for that homemade game of snowman bowling. Just use a tennis ball or similar to see if you can knock them over!

You will need a minimum of 6 toilet roll snowmen, you have enough for a little bowling team! Add a tennis ball (or smaller) and you are all set to go. And remember you can sneak a bit of maths practice in if you like!

Hope you enjoyed this fun winter craft! It is perfect for the December and January months!

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