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20 Back To School Crafts & Ideas

| August 13, 2012 | 30 Comments

back to school craftsWell, well, well.. for some of us the Summer holidays have all but started, for others, the new School Year is beginning! So get ready for “Back to School” craft ideas. To be honest, they are great activity throughout the holidays (who doesn’t love a bit of stationary?!), as well as the new school year approaches.

We already did this theme last year… so if you want even MORE back to school (and the office) craft ideas, take a peak:

Over 30 Stationery and Back to School ideas

Back to School Crafts 2011

back to school booksI have also teaming up  again with THE Kid Lit blogger, Zoe from Playing By The Book – bringing you wonderful children’s literature from around the world. Zoe frequently combines her book reviews with a craft (and was one of the first to inspire me to get crafty), as well as music and other resources. She has now started a series called “I’am Looking for a Book About…” and where possible, we aim to double up and link to each other – Zoe providing you the literature and I providing you the crafts. This way you can get crafty and find beautiful books to share with your children. So,  hop over and check out all her fantastic books in her Back to School book round up!

Oh and for more general tips and ideas visit Yummy Mummy Really’s  “Back to School” round up! And if you need any Lunchbox Ideas, then Life At The Zoo is your place to go for well over 30 ideas to keep you going!!

Pencil & Pencil Toppers

stationery crafts

Chestnut Pencil Toppers

We still (!) have some chestnuts knocking around from last Autumn. You can make these with those shrivel chestnuts or with brand new on this Autumn. Both go. Check out the pencil topper post to find out all about the glue you need to use – the glue being key to the longevity of these little critters.



pencil toppersBabushka Pencil Toppers

I think these are ADORABLE. I love Babushka crafts (and yet have never actuallygotten round to do any myself, this is my chance!), so I love this set of little Pencil Toppers. Melissa Goodsell tells us how to make them.




notebooksNeon Notebooks

Look at these little cuties – they started life as perfectly “ordinary” notebooks and in a jiffy are transformed into a cute little notebook set. Madigan Made shows us how she went about it.



diy notebookCereal Box Notebooks

I love these little cereal book notebooks!! When we go on holiday, the kids always get a little notebook for drawings and scribbles. Making our own will be sooo handy! Especially as they love STARTING a new book each time, but don’t necessarily fill it. I am so making these.  From Apartment Therapy!


jeans notebooksDenim Notebook

Love the use of these little pockets to hold pencils and erasers. Planet Forward gives instructions.



Pencil Cases

pencil case craftNom Nom Nom Case

Hopefully both girls and boys alike will love this quirky NomNomNom pencil case! Find the instructions from Artists Helping Children.



pencil caseMeasuring Tape Pencil Case

Love this measuring tape pencil case. What a quirky way to upcycle and will be a sure way to have something “original” at school. I so want to make one for when Pip Squeak is older! This great idea is from Punk Projects.



pencil case craftsDrinks Package Case

Well.. another great want not waste not project – upcycle old drink pouches. Not really wanting to promote any brand in particular…. but I do know that as a child this would have massively appealed to me. Craftster shares.



pencil caseZip Pencil Case

Oooh, now the example here is made with some cutsy ribbon too.. but I reckon if you get a bold coloured zipper, this would look fantastic plain too! The Zip idea comes from Craft Passion. Brilliant.



back to school craftsPlastic Bottle Cases

Not sure if this is supposed to be a pencil case.. but whever you decide to put in these, I think they are genius! Take a couple of plastic bottles.. a zipper and some imagination…Country Woman Magazine shares more.



Key Ring or Zipper Pulls

zipper pullsBottle Cap Zipper Pulls

My son has only been to nursery so far, but already he LOVES key rings and all things “Zipper Pully”. He will ADORE these super hero bottle cap zipper pulls for sure. A tutorial for kids from U Create with Kids.



zipper pullsLizard Lanyard Zipper Pulls

Whilst on the topic of zipper pulls… I rather like these little lizards too. Aren’t they adorable? Love this “alternative” bead craft idea. They would make great party favours too!  Crafts for All Seasons shares their pattern and how to!



zipper pullc raftsPeg Doll Zipper Pull

I also totally adore this little Peg Doll. How cute to have her as your Zipper pull. You could of course paint the wooden peg superhero or Star Wars style, then finish them as per Lusa Organics to make a zipper pull.




Paper clips

These are adorable little paperclips and so quick and easy to make. Me and My Shadow had a go a these lovelies after spotting some on The Crafty Crow (who doesn’t LOVE the Crafty Crow?!)! Do check out both sites for button goodness!



back to schoolCarton Wallet

Goodness, I love this wallet – totally genius once again. I do love a clever bit of upcycling!! And how the lid is also the closing mechanism of the wallet. Examiner shares this clever tutorial.



back to schoolClipboard Oragniser

Oooh this a handy little idea – make a special clipboard with a wallet per child and keep all the important bits and pieces relevant to each child together from Our Big Earth.



back to schoolPencil Magnets

Or if you rather keep all your information stuck to the fridge, how about some cute pencil magnets? Shared by Silly Eagle Books.



back to school Denim Lunch Sack

Love Inner Child Fun denim lunch sack – not only is it a lovely bit of upcycling (who doesn’t love denim), but I do love the little apple decoration too. Cute!



back to schoolApple Treat

And… after a hard first day back at school how about this adorable little apple treat? Easier to make than you think! Check out The Idea Room!



back to schoolPocket Hearts

Last but not least.. aren’t these little hearts just LOVELY! Pop one in your child’s pocket and whenever they have a wobbly moment… they can give it a little squeeze.  From Curly Birds.



xHope you found some Back To School inspiration!


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  1. Zoe says:

    aah… so much loveliness here! I particularly like the pencil magnets!

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    Was surprised at how tricky it was to unearth back to school crafts!!!

  3. Liz Burton says:

    I can’t believe it’s nearly the start of term *sob*.

    Great crafts here for me to check out. Thanks for including mine too. x

  4. Red Ted Art says:

    I know! The Summer Holidays are whizzing by!! Though we still have a month to go!

  5. Mami Made It says:

    Great list! Love the bottle cap zipper pulls. But I have to adjust them for girls 😉

  6. Red Ted Art says:

    Ah, am sure you will come up with a fab girl version!

  7. I love all the apple themed ideas! I loved getting apples as a teacher.

  8. What a great list! Thanks so much for the shout out!

  9. Helen says:

    Those peg dolls are adorable – my girls start school next Monday – so I better start painting. Thanks, Maggy, for including my hearts in your lovely list of pretties.

  10. Lovely ideas! I especially like the wormy pencil!

  11. amber says:

    Those pencil toppers are cool. Neat round up!

  12. Hi Maggie,

    The pencil magnets are my project that MPS school supply featured on their site. Here’s the link to my post: http://www.sillyeaglebooks.com/2011/08/back-to-school-pencil-magnets.html



  13. What a wonderful selection of crafts.

  14. Red Ted Art says:

    Thank you Cerys!

  15. Great projects. Thanks for sharing.

  16. What a great collection of projects! I love how you and Playing by the Book are teaming up!

  17. art miami says:

    I am just wondering with these cute kids creations and loved these pencil arts .Clipbord organizer and pencil cases were something which I loved the most among these creations.

  18. tulip says:

    These are great ideas! I love the notebook from a cereal box. Thanks for sharing!

  19. You always do the BEST round ups! I’m pinning this to the Tuesday Tots board as well. Thanks for linking up!

  20. Thanks for the mention love! Really appreciate it. 😀 😀

  21. Segmation says:

    What wonderful and fun back to school crafts! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Art supplies says:

    Amazing craft ideas. I love Denim notebook and pencil toppers.

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