Easy 3d Chick Card with Easter Egg – Simple Easter Cards!

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Let’s make some 3d Chick Cards for Easter! A lovely seasonal craft that kids will love! We love making pop up cards all year around and now have another new addition to the handmade Easter card section.

Cute pop up chick card

You may have seen our Easter Bunny & Egg Card.. now it is time for a 3d Chick Card version. Such a cute seaonal DIY for kids of all ages. Perfect for classroom crafting or working in groups – e.g. at Sunday School or a library craft event! Pop Up Easter card DIYs always go down a treat!

Making a pop-up card is always fun. This work sheet shows you how to make a super simple pop-up mechanism – using the “paper bauble” technique. Paper baubles are easy and fun for children to make and can be used for this pop up card. This card focusses on creating an egg shaped 3d bauble and combines it with some cute chick outlines.

This makes for a fun seasonal activity to help fill any lesson plan gaps. It also allows students to take home some lovely Easter cards to send to family and friends.

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Lesson plan objectives – learning opportunities

  • Develop fine motor skills & accuracy
  • Reading skills & following instructions
  • Looking at symmetry & shapes
  • Seasonal fun

Supplies need to make a smile pop up chick card for Easter

  • Card stock (A5 sheet folded in half)
  • An envelope
  • Paper in desired colors
  • Pens, markers or crayons for decorating your own Easter Eggs (if using the plain templates)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • If not using our printable – maybe an Easter Egg Cookie cutter would be a useful template!

The printable comes in 3 options:

  • A template to print on white paper and the students to cut out their shapes from colored paper – 2 sets of templates for easy sharing among students
  • A set of shapes that students can decorate themselves – no additional paper needed. This has one set per sheet
  • A bonus set of full color eggs and chick shapes

I have a 6 page print out available on Teacher’s Pay Teachers, for easy of using in a classroom environment or Sunday School/ Library event! By purchasing this download, you are supporting the upkeep of this website and you receive the instructions “ad free”, plus over course receiving a choice of handy templates depending on your classroom needs!

If you have already purchased our Easter Egg & Bunny card templates, I am sure you can adapt those too!

How to make a Pop Up Chick Card with Easter Egg

We don’t have a video tutorial for this Easter card, but up the detailed step by step photos do the trick! The video on auto play, does show the “bauble” making technique used for the other chick card.. so that can still be a helpful guide!

easter chick card
Let’s make our Easter Pup Up craft!

Draw your own or use the templates provide to create your basic shapes for this card. We printed on white paper and use the egg shape to then cut out 4 colored patterned paper eggs!

You will need:

  • 4 eggs
  • 1 oval head
  • 2 heart wings
  • 2 heart feet

Making a 3d Paper Easter Egg

fold the eggs in half

Fold your four egg shapes carefully in half. Make sure you find the centre, so they are neatly folded.

Add glue to one side of one of the fold egg shapes.

stack the paper eggs

Place the second egg shape on top of the first egg where the glue is.

Add glue to this second egg and stack the third shape and repeat with the third and fourth egg.

Easter Egg Stack

You should now have a stack of eggs that are folded in half.

When you open the stack you have you 3d egg fan shape.

Decorate the chick cut outes with chick features

make the feet orange

Color the feet in orange (unless you already cut them out from orange paper!).

cute paper chick face

Decorate the chick face! You can add some cute rosy cheeks too!

Assemble the Easter Egg and Chick

chich assembly

Glue the chick head and feet behind the egg.

Glue the heart wings on the front of the egg.

Assembling the final pop up chick card

fold the chick in half

Fold the chick and egg in half. As we chose to glue the head sidewise, the chick’s head won’t have a “perfect” centre fold. But that is fine!

Now add glue to one side.

Align the centre fold of the chick with the fold of your card and glue in place.


Add glue to the exposed side.

Close the card and it will hold glue the side perfectly in place.

your basic handmade easter chick card is done
These make super cute Happy Easter cards to personalize!

Open up and your chick is finished! Now add a lovely Happy Easter greeting to the inside of your card!


Extension ideas:

  • You can spend a little more time decorating the inside of the card first – e.g. you could cut some paper Easter grass and glue to the bottom of the card, before securing the egg and Easter bunny in place.
  • These cute 3d little bunny and eggs could also be made as an Easter decoration. Make two and stick them together back to back. Wouldn’t that be adorable?
  • Or make a “large” bunny from construction paper as an art project, instead of putting it in the inside of a card.

Coming soon:

pop up easter eggs 3 ways

Based on the super cute and simple Pop Up Easter Eggs – we have 3 design versions! Including a printable set of full colour eggs to help you get crafty this Easter!

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easter pop up bunny card
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