Free Crochet Bunny Pattern inspired

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Make this free Crochet Bunny Pattern today! If you love all things bunny rabbit as much as we do, have a go at this Bunny Crochet Pattern today.

Amigurmi Bunny Crochet Pattern

crochet bunny rabbit

I think this adorable bunny toy would make a lovely gift to any bunny or rabbit fan! Make a set as Christmas gifts, or make it as an Easter Bunny gift idea and pop it in with your Easter eggs! Such a cute crochet pattern to have a go at!

This pattern was designed and created by Craft Alotl. You can find her on instagram and Ravelry. This pattern is available on Raverly for download and easy of printing.

Crochet Abbreviations

American Crochet Terminology for the crochet stitches is used through.

  • MC – Magic Circle (also known as Magic Rings)
  • SC – Single Crochet Stitch
  • HDC – Half Double Crochet Stitch
  • SS – Slip stitch
  • Inc – Increase
  • Dec – Decrease
  • Blo – back loops only

We have a number of crochet video tutorials you can check out in our Beginner’s Guide to Crochet. These will help you learn how to make the basic crochet stitches, such as a magic circle, single crochet, half double crochet and slit stitch.

Crochet Yarn/ Hooks

This pattern works with any yarn of choice. Just make sure you use the corresponding crochet hook size to suit the yarn weight.

You will need two main colours of yarn – white for the rabbit body, and a contrasting color for the rabbit’s dress. You will also need a little black for the Miffy Cross Stitch Nose and some safety eyes.

You will also need a little stuffing – we like to recycle old cushions to use as stuffing instead of polyfill.

Finally you will need some scissors, tapestry needle (only a little sewing is required for this pattern) and stitch markers.

So onto this adorable Amigurumi Bunny Pattern!

How to make a Crochet Bunny Rabbit

We begin this crochet amigurumi at the bottom – with the crochet bunny’s legs and work our way up!

Bunny’s Legs (make 2)

1. 6sc into mc [6]

2. 6inc [12]

3. 12sc in blo [12]

4-6. 12sc [12]

Fasten off first leg. Don’t fasten off second leg.

miffy side view bunny

Bunny’s Body and Head

1. Using the second leg, join to the first leg with 1sc. sc 11 around the first leg. 12sc around in second leg [24]

2-3. 24sc [24]

4. Change colour to purple, 24sc [24] 5. 24sc in blo [24]

6-7. 24sc [24]

8. (2sc,dec) x6 [18] -begin to stuff

9. (1sc, dec) x6 [12]

10. Change colour to white, 12inc [24]

11. (3sc, inc) x6 [30]

12-14 30sc [30]

15. (3sc, dec) x6 [24]

16. 24sc [24]

17. (2sc, dec) x6 Place eyes between rnds 14&13. Make sure they are 6 stitches apart

18. (1sc, dec) x6 [12]

19. 6dec [6] Fasten off and seal hole.

Rabbit’s Crochet Skirt

1. In the blo of rnd 5, join yarn on a stitch at the back. Slip stitch & sc in same stitch. 2sc in next stitches. Inc, (3sc, inc) x5 [30]

2. 30sc [30]

3. 30 hdc [30] Slip stitch in next stitch & fasten off

bunny ears detail

Bunny Ears (make 2)

1. 6sc into mc [6]

2. (1sc,inc) x3 [9]

3-6. 9sc [9]

7. (1sc, dec) x3 [6]

Fasten off. Sew ears either side of the last row of the head. The ears should take up three rows diagonally down the head.

Bunny Arms (make 2)

1. 6sc into mc [6]

2-3. 6sc [6]

4. Change colour to purple, 6sc [6]

5. 6sc [6] Fasten off.

Sew the top of the arms between rows 9&10 of the body. Leave a gap between the two arms around 5-6 stitches apart (looking from the front.)

miffy face details

Cross Stitch Mouth

Take your yarn needle and sew a cross directly in between of the two eyes. To make a cross, overlap two lines on top of each other. Each line should be around a stitch long.

And that is it! Your cute amigurumi pattern is finished! Do share your photos with us on instagram and Ravelry!

I think kids of all ages, will love to find this sweet crochet bunny in their Easter basket, or Christmas Stocking! They really make adorable gifts and would be great as a baby shower gift or nursery decor too!

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