Easter Chick Bookmark Designs – Easy Paper Crafts!

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Time for a super cute and easy Easter Chick Bookmark Design! Paper crafting for Easter made easy! We love making corner bookmarks and spring / Easter time is a great excuse for more new designs!

Chick Corner Bookmarks - simply adorable and easy bookmarks to make as Easter Corner Bookmarks or Spring Corner bookmarks.. all that is missing now is an Egg Bookmark!!
These Chick Corner Bookmark Designs where first published in Feb 2017 for Easter! And have been updated and republished for your convenience!

If you are a regular reader or more to the point YouTube viewer of Red Ted Art, you will know, that I am currently creating WEEKLY new DIY Corner Bookmark Designs.. mainly because the bookmark corners are just so fun to make.. and because the kids on YouTube keep asking for more.. how can I not? It does however, frequently take me a few weeks to then put said lovely corner bookmarks here on the blog! Ha. So if you want to keep ahead, make sure you sign up to my (free) YouTube Channel too!!!

But enough waffle, onto the crafty task at hand… we have some LOVELY DIY Chick Bookmarks for you today (perfect for our collection of Chick Crafts, don’t you think?!). I actually made them for Chinese New Year (at the time of writing, it is “The Year of the Rooster”).. but my Rooster bookmark, turned into more of a Chicken Bookmark…. never mind.

Perfect for Easter, don’t you think? So without further ado.. our DIY Easter Chick Bookmark Corners! Though technically not “pure Origami”, I have added these to our great collection of Easter Origami for kids, as they are so cute and easy! They certainly fit well with our Paper Easter Crafts – Easter DIYs sorted with just paper!!!

You will also LOVE this BUNNY BOOKMARK, *hop over* and take a peak!!! Both of these bookmar designs are just perfect little Easter  Corner Bookmarks to make for Easter or Spring!

Bunny Bookmarks

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DIY Chick Bookmark Corner – Materials:

Chick Corner Bookmarks - simply adorable and easy bookmarks to make as Easter Corner Bookmarks or Spring Corner bookmarks.. all that is missing now is an Egg Bookmark!!
  • For the Chick Bookmark – yellow, orange and a little pink paper
  • For the Chicken Bookmark (or rooster?) – white, yellow and and red paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

This corner bookmark design is now available as a handy worksheet printable to use in the classroom via my Teachers Pay Teacher’s store! For less than the price of a coffee, you can support the upkeep of this website!

DIY Chick Bookmark – How To:

Watch the video on “auto play” for full/ detailed tutorial. OR follow the written instructions below!

Make a basic Origami Bookmark Corner

Make the “basic” Origami Corner Bookmark in yellow or white.

If you would like to see a step by step PHOTO guide as to how to make a basic Origami Corner Bookmark, do check out this Bookmark Corner DIY here. Alternatively, I do think these short and fun videos really do the trick!  Here is what I hope is a super help Bookmark How To video, below I share some basic instructions!

Turn your bookmark into a cute chick corner bookmark

Next glue down the flaps, to give it a bit more “stability” if you wish, but not strictly speaking necessary!

shape the bookmark a little

Trim the corners of the bookmark to round it off a little it and give it that cute chick bookmark shape. Be sure not to cut too much off – you need to keep the “straight edges”.

chicken features
A rooster has simple features!

Finally, make the chick features:

  • heart shaped feet for the chick bookmarks
  • a heart shapped “wattle” for the Chicken/ Rooster Bookmark
  • the beaks, are curved triangles
  • a red wiggly shape (a bit like a heart with 3 bumps) to make a comb for the chicken bookmark and finally
  • some little hole punched cheeks for the chicks
gluing in place

Glue these features all in place,

chicken bookmark

Once all the features are in place…

draw chicken eyes

… add the chicken’s eyes with a black marker pen and your basic chicken corner bookmark is done!

year of the rooster

Now have fun with the colors and make some baby chick bookmarks, hen bookmarks or even Year of the Rooster Corner Bookmarks! So fun!

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