Easy Monkey Corner Bookmark

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We actually made this easy Paper Craft for Kids quite a while ago – posted it on our YouTube channel and then, ahem, forgot about sharing it here one the website!!!! Time for you to see this easy Monker Corner Bookmark Design!

I think we have well over a 120 Corner Bookmark Designs in our collection now. And have ordered them all into different categories – animals, movies, gaming bookmarks and more. Hooray!

How to make a monkey corner bookmark - collage of step by step instructions

Brown Colour Day Craft Ideas

I thought it was worth a mention, that this little monkey bookmark corner would be a PERFECT Brown Colour Day Craft idea! Don’t you agree?! Here are some more great brown colour day crafts your students may enjoy:

Hopefully lots of ideas to get you going!

Monkey Corner Bookmark  – Materials

  • A piece of brown square paper (we cut down A4 into 2 squares of approximately 15 x 15cm – but any size is fine!)
  • Some scraps of contrasting coloured paper for monkey’s features – light brown, yellow, white
  • Markers/ pen for the monkey bookmark’s features and outlines
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

How make an Origami Bookmark Monkey Design

Scroll down for the full Monkey Corner Bookmark video.. or watch the “basic” origami corner bookmark video her and add the embellishments outlined below.  If you prefer step by step photos, we also have an Origami Bookmark  post for you here.

Corner Bookmark Monkey Step By Step Instruction

Begin by making a basic Origami Bookmark using brown paper. We have Origami Bookmark Step by Step Instructions (including photos)!

Cutting out your Monkey bookmark’s embellishments

The Monkey needs a number of key features:

How to make a monkey corner bookmark - the ears
How to make a monkey corner bookmark - the muzzle
  • ears in brown – cut a semi circle of brown
  • the monkey muzzle – cut an oval in light brown
  • eyes (optional) – draw your yes or cut out in white
  • a banana (optional) – cut a yellow banana an add details in black
  • and additional features added in black pen
How to make a monkey corner bookmark - the banana

Bringing your monkey corner bookmark  “together”

As the video (below) shows – it is now a question of simply gluing on your monkey featurs.

Start with the ears.. then place the snout relatively “central”.

How to make a monkey corner bookmark made from paper

Then add the eyes and the banana!

Your Monkey Corner Bookmark is finished!!


Watch the full Monkey Corner Bookmark video here: