Craft ideas for Hedgehog Awareness Week

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society is organising a Hedgehog Awareness week from Sunday 30th April – Saturday 6th May 2023. When my kids where little (they are teens now!! Crikey), sitting down to a lovely craft, was the best way for us to discuss a certain topic. So, I thought I would join in with some fun craft ideas for Hedgehog Awareness Week!

hedgehog awareness week
Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash

In the UK Hedgehogs are an endangered species. There are small things we can do, to help with their survival! This spring be a Hedgehog Champion and join in wtih some of these simple hedgehog activities. Also get crafting and discuss hedgehogs with the children!

Educational resources for Hedgehog Awareness Week

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society is the best place for information and hedgehog relates resources. Do visit the BHPS website too – you can make donations to their conservation fundraisers via it, or become a hedgehog society member.

To summarise the main

Protective activities:

  • Avoid using poisons in the garden (i.e. slug pellets!)
  • Make sure drains are covered to avoid any hedgehogs falling in
  • Go litter picking!
  • Sports netting tidied away as hedgehogs (and foxes) can get caught – petition your school to do this! (My daughter actually saw a small foxed caught this way! It is very common!)
  • Careful when clearing natural items in the garden – mowing the lawn or bonfires – it may contain a hedgehog!
  • Ensure ponds etc have escape routes and prevent hedgehogs from falling in

Hedgehog Friendly Features:

  • Hedgehog street/ hedgehog highways – build small holes between neighbouring gardens to allow passing through – petition your neighbours to do the same
  • Feeding stations – meaty cat food/ dog food and water – here is how to build one – remember to make one entry and one exit
  • Wild corners/ log piles and leaf piles
  • Make or buy hedgehog homes – here i show you can make one

Our Hedgehog Awareness Activities

So looking at our family.. and where we live.. for us the most realistic activities, that we will be taking part in are:

  • Litter picking – we live near a few small parks and commons, whilst our gardens remain small – litter picking is an easy activity. It is unlikely that we will spot a hedgehog in our gardens, as they are so small. So I think litter picking really works for us
  • Making some crafts below – a chance to discuss the problem faced by hedgehogs, but then…
  • Sell our crafts to fundraise – this has a dual benfit – raise money for BPHS AND raise awareness among our neighbours and friends. I think our bookmarks are a nice easy craft.. and my daughter is great at crochet, so the hedgehog crochet would be great too!

Hedgehog Crafts for Kids to engage in Hedgehog Awareness Week

Over the years, we have made a number of hedgehog crafts, that I think you can the kids will love too!

Fabulous pine cone hedgehogs for preschoolers – pine cones have that wonderful prickly texture. Though not quite as prickly as a hedgehog of course. They are perfect for making a hedgehog though. Combine it with salt dough for a great natural craft (that can also bio degrade!).

Similarly, love these oh so simple Stick Hedgehogs by Sun Hats & Wellieboots. Use air drying clay or Salt Dough to make them!

Or why not grab some recycled cardboard and paint the back of it colourfully.. then have a go at this Arty Cardboard Hedgehog DIY!

If you are short for time, then this simple Woodland Animal Coloring Pages will do the trick!

No Red Ted Art  collection of crafts would be complete without a suitable Corner Bookmark.. so in order to keep with bookmark making tradition we have this oh so cute Hedgehog Bookmark Corner for you!

Learn how to sew this hedgehog pin cushion! And easy make to flext those sewing skills.. and also makes a lovely little gift for someone!

Many moons ago, I taught myself how to crochet – and since then I can never resist a super duper cute crochet pattern, especially when it is free too! Check out this adorable Rainbow Hedgehog and learn How to crochet a Hedgehog today!

A couple of years ago, I was tasked with baking my Mother in Law’s Birthday cake (I am in fact tasked with the cake each year). As her birthday falls in early Autum, I decided to keep things simple, but cute, with these rustic Fondant Hedgehogs. I think they make a great Hedgehog Cake for Thanksgiving too!

We also rather love a Pom Pom Craft. How lovely is this pom pom hedgehog! Simply adorable!

Anyway, I hope you feel inspired and are ready to engage with Hedgehog Week! If you need more Hedgehog Crafts and DIYs, we have more to peak at here: