Pop Up Chick Card for Easter

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Time for some Easy Easter Cards and not just any old Easter cards… but some easy DIY Pop Up Cards. Adorable and easy pop up chick card for Easter. The kids will ADORE making these super quick and easy Pop Up Easter Cards. I love all the bright jolly colours that just scream spring!!

Cute and Easy Pop Up Chic Cards. We do love a simple pop up card and these chicks are just the ticket. They make great 3d Easter Cards, but can also be adapted for Birthdays or even Valentines #popupcards #popup #chick #chicken #spring #cardmaking
We have been making these adorable pop up chick cards since 2018!

They are of course great throughout the year too (say for a Birthday or just a general greeting card), but are particularly prefect for Easter Card Making! We have lots of DIY Pop Up Card Projects and designs to check out! And if you are mad about chicks and chickens, do also browse our lovely Chick Craft Collection!

Maybe add a nice round egg & heart to the design and add the pun “You are EGGzactly right for me” and then these make super cute Valentine’s Day cards too!! A fun chicken Valentine’s Pun! I think these are great for kids of all ages to make!

But I am digressing…

You may also enjoy our printable Woven Egg & Chick Card:

I think these make adorable cards too!

This card is a lovely one for toddlers and preschoolers to have a go – a great way to practice those fine motor skills! And all you need is some white card stock and a printer… plus paper scraps! Such a cute Easter chick card!

Or how about this trio of Easter Egg Card ideas:

pop up easter eggs 3 ways

This set of cute Easter Egg Cards come with printables (for those who would like to usea printable template) and it includes the Chick & Egg Card, the Easter Bunny Cards, as well as the regular Easter Egg, which can also be turned into an ornament!

How to make a Pop Up Chick Card for spring and Easter

Simple chick Pop Up Card – supplies needed

  • Card stock – we used A5 card folded in half to make an A6 card – you can make it any size you want!
  • Contrasting paper or construction paper (e.g. pastel yellow paper or pastel pink paper etc)
  • Paper scraps (for beaks, grass, maybe some little Easter eggs etc)
  • Glue stick
  • Pen/ markers
  • Scissors
  • Envelope (we used a UK standard sized envelope..)

As with all our crafts, work with the supplies you have to hand, instead of heading out to the craft store to make some unnecessary purchases! Keep it low cost and as thrifty as possible, especially if making Easter cards in the classroom! We have avoided feathers and googly eyes this time, to make it cost effective for the classroom but also because using just paper is more eco friendly! Either way these cards are easy peasy to make.

How to make a Pop Up Chick Card for Easter

Watch our quick and easy Easter Chick Pop Up Card video tutorial on auto play! Or check out the step by step written instructions below!

How to make a Pop Up Chick Card for Easter – Step by Step Instructions

This really is a simple pop up card, to which you can easily add a personalized message and decoration!

Preparing the Paper Chick’s body features

  1. You will need to cute some wings, beak and feet, as well a some grass. As mentioned, you could also add some Easter Eggs (you could even have a little Easter bunny in the background) or Hearts, depending on seasons and how you want to finish it all off
  2. The chick’s wings are cut from the same coloured paper as the body – I cut a “heart shape” but with three humps
  3. The chick beak is just a thin triangle
  4. And the chick’s feet are made of two orange hearts

Make your Paper Chick Body

  1. Cut 9-10 white circles (you can use our template for size or use  small cup/ lid)
  2. Fold the circles in half.
  3. Add glue to one half of the circle and lay a second circle on top. When you have half your circles stuck together, add the beak and then add the remaining circles.
  4. Continue until all half circles a stuck together.
  5. Add to small circles for eyes on either side of the beak.

Final Assembly of your Chick Pop Up Card DIY

We used blue card to represent the sky in one example and white cardstock to show that these pop up chick cards look nice on any background!

  1. Make sure you have NOT closed the paper bauble “in on itself”.
  2. Position the paper bauble in the centre of the card and glue the bottom half of it down (not the top, as you still want to slide “bits” in)
  3. Now you can add glue to your paper chick’s wings to the top and the bottom “circle”.
  4. Draw some straight lines and add your paper chick’s feet.
  5. Finally add you the paper grass to the bottom of the card!
Cute and Easy Pop Up Chic Cards. We do love a simple pop up card and these chicks are just the ticket. They make great 3d Easter Cards, but can also be adapted for Birthdays or even Valentines #popupcards #popup #chick #chicken #spring #cardmaking
Don’t they make cute cards? Don’t forget to write a lovely message on the inside of the card!

Ta-daaaaaa! Aren’t they adorable? So quick and easy to make and I think the kids will love them! You can of course add extra details, such as little hand colored Easter eggs or an Easter bunny in the background with a “Happy Easter” message added to the front or inside.

Once done, pop it in an envelope and surprise someone with your lovely Pop Up Easter Card (or spring card.. or birthday card… you get my drift!!).

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